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Having Issues Closing Cash Advance Deals?

Are you the agent or broker in search of an online financial company that will turn your cash advance deal declines into dollars? Well, not every firm you choose to work for will adequately reward your efforts. In fact, some of them will reject almost every offer you present after you have hassle hard enough to convince a merchant to come your way. But First American Merchant is here to close every worthwhile deal you work for you. FAM is a popular online commercial finance provider that utilizes agents to reach out to all high-risk merchants looking for cash advance […]

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Turn Cash Advance Declines Into Dollars

Are you an ISO agent in search of a financial institution that will turn cash advance deal declines into dollars? Well, First American Merchant is a popular online funding provider that works with all types of businesses regardless of type and may have your solution, to help close those hard to fund deals. Though merchants can directly come to us for funding, most MCA sales are the efforts of ISO agents who visit potential clients and link the bridge. The Problem Most times cash advance deals get turned down because the agent is dealing with a lender who is less […]

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Hey Agents, We’ll complete Your Cash Advance Declines

Are you a driven cash advance agent who’s been working tirelessly to break even in the rather complex marketplace? Have you gotten weary of making efforts to talk clients into your deals only to get them decline by the financial provider for one reason or another? And when you successfully make it to close a deal, how much money do you earn— are there any bonuses or residuals? These days, most micro-business owners prefer winning their MCA deals from resourceful agents rather than applying online. Actually, financial providers themselves admit that most of their MCA clients come from broker connections […]

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Having Problems Closing Cash Advance Deals Because of Declines?

Merchant cash advance (MCA), a highly popular alternative to traditional business funding, is a form of online lending. Much of the selling of MCAs happens offline by brokers who call and visit clients. Merchant cash advance lenders aren’t the only ones who choose to work with brokers to connect with customers. Financing companies offering short-term small-business loans rely on the same independent broker networks as well. Merchant Cash Advance There’s a popular belief that a merchant cash advance is a short-term loan or a high-interest advance. In fact, it’s not true: an MCA is simply a sale or a purchase […]

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No More Problems with Closing Cash Advance Deals

A merchant cash advance (MCA) has turned into one of the most popular types of business funding for merchants in recent years. Many business owners choose an MCA over traditional business loans. If you think an MCA is a short-term loan, be aware it’s not a loan nor a high-interest advance: it’s just a sale, a purchase of your future sales at a discount. This cash solution provides your business with a lump-sum payment in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of your future credit/debit card sales. With First American Merchant Advance, both parties get involved in the agreement over the […]

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Need More Cash Advance Deals Approved?

To enjoy the best merchant cash advance (MCA) ISO agent program, don’t look further. is a reputable business funding provider and payment processor that serves both traditional and high risk merchants. ISO Cash Advance FAM offers agents exceptional options for business funding solutions. First American Merchant can help get more cash advance deals approved. While small business loans take weeks if not months, merchant cash advances for ISOs take just a few days. An ISO (Independent Sales Organization) is a body that establishes its own guidelines and more often provides much more responsive customer service platform. An ISO purchases […]

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Becoming an ISO Cash Advance Agent – What Are the Advantages?

A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a business funding alternative that’s become one of the most popular forms of financing for small business owners. Today, many merchants choose an MCA over traditional business funding. What You Should Know About MCAs and Cash Advance Agents If you think a merchant cash advance is a short-term loan or a high-interest advance, be aware this is simply a sale. E.g., First American Merchant, a reputable MCA provider, just purchases your future sales at a discount. You and FAM agree to the amount of sales being purchased and for what discounted cost. Merchant cash […]

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Turn Cash Advance Paper into Working Capital

Are you looking for options to help your clients find funding for business growth and other business-related projects? Would you like to sell merchant accounts and earn a residual income doing so? If so, consider what a merchant cash advance ISO agreement has to offer. A merchant cash advance (also known as a business cash advance) provides businesses with the working capital they need to cover day-to-day expenses, payroll, inventory, equipment and fund plans for expansion, among many other things. If a business is looking for quick access to working capital, a cash advance is a great option. A full-service […]

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Can’t Close Cash Advance Deals, Because of Declines?

You might be surprised to hear that entrepreneurs are more likely to secure a merchant cash advance from a helpful salesperson than applying for one on the internet. A merchant cash advance is not a loan; it is a sale. This cash solution provides businesses with a lump-sum payment in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of their future credit and debit card sales. Through broker’s friendly approach, merchants have the opportunity to sit down and learn the ins and outs of this flexible solution. In fact, most cash advance sales happen offline by brokers who take the time to call […]

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Running a Successful Agent ISO Program

An Independent Sales Organization is also called a Member Service Provider. You can find a large number of credit card processing companies in the market offering different agent ISO programs. How to choose the best one? Consider partnering up with a reputable business loan provider like to enjoy the best commission and residual offerings from all the top providers in the US. Thanks to the partnership with the leading credit card processing brokerage in the country, First American Merchant, you’ll be able to offer more products and services to your customers and meet their needs best of all. FAM […]

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