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Small Business Tips for Securing Alternative Business Loans

Long wait times, complicated contracts and services, and support that misses the mark; this is what many small business owners deal with when trying to secure financing. Banks can keep you waiting weeks or months to tell you that you’ve been denied funds in the end. The very next question is, where do I go from here? If you’re looking for funding, you’ll be glad to hear there are other ways to secure the funding you need. In fact, these alternatives often turn out to be better for many business owners. The following information should shed some light on why […]

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Master the New Funding Rules for Small and Medium Scale Businesses

The covid 19 pandemic changed the business environment, especially for small and medium scale merchants. Survival for most businesses depended solely on turning to e-commerce. However, finding lenders to facilitate this shift became a hurdle for many small businesses as traditional lenders opted to lend to big established companies. This article demonstrates new funding approaches that are changing the capital financing environment to give small business owners opportunities of growing their enterprises. Funding Approaches First is important to recognize the difference between funding and a loan. Generally, business loans require security to access and come with complicated conditions for the […]

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Top Signs Your Small Business Needs a Merchant Cash Advance

Struggling with cash flow? You’re not alone. According to a survey from U.S. Bank, 82% of small businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Year after year, small business owners admit that cash flow is one of their tops – if not number one – challenges.  Maintaining cash flow is difficult when business is good, when the unexpected happens, it can feel nearly impossible. One of the most popular solutions for cash flow issues today is a merchant cash advance. If you’re unfamiliar, the following information will give you a glimpse of how this financing tool works, as well as […]

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Small Businesses Seek Financing to Deal with Inflation Head-On

The hot topic of the last few months has been inflation. Inflation has been tough for everyone, including small business owners. As the rollercoaster of the pandemic has eased – shutdowns and supply chain disruptions – the newest concern has become the shocking inflation. As prices continue to fluctuate, maintaining a consistent cash flow has become increasingly difficult for business owners. The need for a way to ease the impact of ebbs and flows in costs has become top of the priority list. Many small business owners are now seeking long-term solutions to handle this inflationary period head-on. Why You […]

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How to Easily Secure a Startup Business Loan in 2022

Starting a small business has always been expensive. Fast forward to our post-Covid world, trying to get a business everything it needs to hit the ground running can feel next to impossible. If you’re currently juggling doubts and questions, never fear!  Every small business owner faces startup expenses. These expenses will vary depending on your business type. Whether you need heavy machinery or a new laptop, coming up with the cash for equipment can be difficult. On top of that, you need to purchase inventory, pay contractors, cover rent and meet payroll.  To make matters more complicated, outside funding can […]

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The Supply Chain Crisis Persists: How Can US Small Businesses Survive the Situation?

Many American firms, both big and small, depend on items manufactured in Asia and other nations. Because China and other nations are experiencing supply chain constraints triggered by the global health crisis, the United States and other nations are suffering.  How the Supply Chain Crisis is Affecting Small Businesses  Besides the bottlenecks in the processing of raw materials and goods that US businesses require, there are also repercussions across the retail market. Cargo ships are stranded at ports, not able to deliver goods.  The industry is also experiencing a truck driver shortage. These staffing shortages, along with occasional closures during […]

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How to Accept Credit Card Payments for Your Small Business

Nowadays, card payments have become so much widespread that it’s uncommon to see businesses accepting only cash. Card payments allow businesses to provide multiple payment options for their customers, which results in increased sales and boosts customer satisfaction. How can you, as a small business, accept card payments? Accepting Card Payments Did you know that about 80% of U.S. consumers keep at least one credit card in their wallet? Credit cards were used to complete over 1/4 of all payments completed in 2020.  Credit card payments enable businesses to increase sales and enjoy quicker and easier payment transactions, as compared […]

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How You Can Raise Capital for Your Small Business

As of 2021, there were 32.5 million small businesses in the U.S., which represented 99.9% of all the businesses in the country, according to the Small Business Association (SBA). Access to more capital can help you grow faster. How can you raise more capital for your small business? Seeking Funding for Your Small Business When looking for business funding, it’s essential to consider not only the cost and convenience but other factors as well. Specifically:  Figure out which financing solution best fits into your long-term goals, and choose the one that’s associated with minimum risks.  Take into account factors such […]

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5 Steps To Starting A Small Town Business

Starting a business is overwhelming, to say the least. At the very beginning, the entrepreneur must wear what seems like a countless number of hats. Your list of things seems to be never-ending. It is a constant juggling of what to prioritize and what to shelve until you can afford to get more help.  It is critical to determine early on, what exactly to focus on so that your business can continue moving forward. Every type of business requires a certain type of focus. What if you want to launch a small-town business in your community? What will it take […]

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The Pros and Cons of Equipment Leasing for Small Business Owners

A new year. The perfect time to assess where your business sits today, what went well last year, what didn’t go as planned, and how you can do better going forward. If you’re currently looking at the objectives for 2022, you are likely looking at your business finances as well. Any moves, big or small, typically involve working capital. For example, are you looking at buying new equipment to take your business to the next level and take on multiple or larger orders? If so, you’re likely going to need some financing for such a large purchase. As you look […]

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