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By First American Merchant

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Merchant Account Solutions for Collection Agencies

For the business overwhelmed with accounts receivable, collection agencies are the good guys. They step in and hold the business’ customers financially responsible for the goods/services they have yet to pay for. Even so, some collection agency’s actions tarnish the reputation of others who operate honestly. Thus, collection agencies are typically classified as “high risk” and struggle to secure the merchant accounts they need. Even the collection agency startup with honest intentions will feel the effects of this industries reputation when they apply for a merchant account. This stress only adds to the overwhelming and intimidating process of collecting debts […]

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Exclusive Collection Agency Merchant Accounts

Undertaking the process of collecting debts can be intimidating to newcomers and startups. If you lack a thorough credit history, traditional banks and many credit processing providers will shy away from you. Moreover, the application process for merchant accounts will be a real challenge for those with inconsistent revenue streams. Collection Agency Merchant Account from FAM     If you are a collection agency merchant looking for a reliable and low-cost merchant account, consider turning to First American Merchant. FAM is a reputable provider of merchant accounts for the collection agency industry that offers a reliable collection agency merchant account to customers. […]

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