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High Risk Business Funding

High Risk Funding for Businesses

In today’s 21st century business environment, new market players such as brick-and mortar retail, electronic merchants, start-ups and even existing businesses which seek growth through the internet have difficulties securing loans from traditional lenders. Similarly, companies that have gone through bankruptcy or have had their debt “charged-off” by creditors usually have found few options for financing. If your loan application has been declined because a conventional bank or credit union tagged you as “high-risk,” don’t despair. 1st American Merchant Funding specializes in securing capital for businesses like yours. Instead of scouring your past, 1st American looks forward – we evaluate the potential of your business to help you succeed.

The Traditional Loan Roundabout

Traditional lenders such as banks typically make the loan applicant run a paper steeplechase by requiring the submission of business plans, balance sheets, financial statements, tax returns and credit histories. Then you’re obliged to wait for a loan committee to reach a decision, which can take weeks or months. All too often, the answer is “No.” In fact, a 2011 Pepperdine University study found that 60% of all bank loan applications are declined. Since the last economic downturn, traditional lenders tend to only make loans to businesses that in truth could capitalize from within.

The 1st American Merchant Funding Alternative

Here at 1st American, we understand the challenges that high risk business models face; we understand that in business, growth doesn’t always chart straight up. There may be dips and valleys along the way. A high risk business usually indicates higher volume and therefore the potential for greater profit. 1st American has the experience and flexibility from working with this business model to help you achieve success.

How Does 1st American Merchant Funding Work?

Since 1st American is not a bank, we don’t make loans like a traditional lender. Instead, we provide a cash advance factored on the future sales of a business. When a bank makes a loan, they tend to focus on the value of a business’s total assets. At 1st American we look to the value of a business’s account receivables. With our partners at Emerchant Broker, we can help you process credit/debit cards in order for you to repay the cash advance we provide to your business.We design flexible cash remittances that can adjust to your revenue. Should your business have a down week, your remittances will reflect the decrease in revenue.

Instead of requiring you to dig up years of financial documents, 1st American has a relatively short form we ask you to fill out. It’s quick and easy with no risk or obligation. There are no upfront costs or collateral requirements. Once we receive your application, one of our financial consultants will contact you within 24 hours. Generally within a day or two we can notify you regarding our decision. With seven working days your business can receive the funding you need to get back on the road to success. Unlike traditional lenders, we won’t dither over your request for weeks on end; we know that time is money. Rather than jump through hoops for a lender who likely won’t approve your loan application, you as an entrepreneur need to spend your time and effort building your business. Our streamlined application process means that the funding you receive from 1st American can be utilized more quickly and efficiently than a traditional bank loan.

What Type of Businesses Qualify?

We at 1st American specialize in meeting the needs of all so-called “high risk” businesses. Many entrepreneurs may be surprised to learn that banks consider most small businesses high risk and therefore are reluctant to offer them loans. “Cash-intensive” businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants and retail outlets to professional corporations including lawyers, dentists and accountants are all deemed high risk by banks. Since startups have a relatively short history and often limited assets, banks presume them to be high risk as well. Even established businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations or up-and-down cycles are tagged as high risk. 1st American works with them all, including businesses that have emerged from bankruptcy or have less than pristine credit histories.

Merchant accounts are a necessity for any business that accepts credit/debit cards from around the world and in particular for an internet business whose sole source of revenue is generated from electronic payments. Teaming with EMerchant Broker, we offer processing solutions and innovative technology that allows your internet business or startup to compete in today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace. And we won’t be deterred by a company’s credit score or bankruptcy filing.

At 1st American, we understand that companies don’t do business with companies – people do business with people. Our financial consultants build relationships with clients and help them develop successful business models. After all, we don’t succeed if you don’t.

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