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How You Can Grow Your Woman-Owned Business

Woman-owned businesses are making more and more economic contributions at rates that are higher than the national average. As of 2016, there were over 11.3 million woman-owned businesses in the US (a 45% increase since 2007), according to The 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report from American Express. These businesses employed about 9 million people and generated more than $1.6 trillion in revenues. Getting officially certified as a woman-owned business has its advantages. For female business owners, there are certifications like the Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), which give women entrepreneurs access to resources […]

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Business Loans for Women Owned Businesses

Women-owned businesses made up almost 30% of all businesses based in America. They accounted for an economic impact of almost $3 trillion, thus generating or maintaining 23 million jobs, which is 16% of all the jobs in the US. In 2016, innovative companies were introduced by female founders. Women entrepreneurs earned millions to expand their businesses. Financing for Women-Owned Businesses It’s not too easy for women to get access to working capital. It can be challenging for them to obtain business financing from traditional lenders to grow their business. To give approval for a small business loan, traditional lenders can […]

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The Best Merchant Cash Advance Loan

To get access to working capital, you should find a reliable and trustworthy business loan provider to turn to. If you’re interested in merchant cash advance companies, consider applying to First American Merchant is a reputable and award-winning business loan provider and high risk processor that can help you take your business to new heights. First American Merchant offers: Merchant Cash Advance ACH Program High Risk Business Funding Consumer Financing With FAM, you can enjoy the following benefits of merchant funding: Fast Funding – You can have funds in your bank in as little as 72 hours. No Hassle […]

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A Spotlight on the Growth of Hispanic Business Owners

It turns out that the United States is a home for many aliens of Hispanic origin. According to a report by the Census Bureau, approximately 55 million Hispanics, just about 17% of the whole nation’s population reside in the U.S. Moreover, there are over four million businesses owned by Hispanics throughout the U.S. What’s more, according to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic-owned companies have recorded a notable boost in revenue amounting to more than $660 billion. And this is contributed to by the fact that entrepreneurs of Hispanic origin have been establishing businesses 15 times the country’s average […]

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Benefits of a Startup Cash Advance for the Minority Business

For the minority-owned business, it can be incredibly difficult to secure a traditional loan for various reasons. For example, discrimination against the owner’s credit score or the business’ location. If the business is part of an industry considered to be “high risk” by traditional lenders, it will even more difficult to secure the working capital needed. Just like any other business, without sufficient cash flow the minority-owned business will be unable to cover expenses, purchase inventory/equipment or fund growth and expansion. For this reason, many businesses turn to alternative lenders like First American Merchant. An alternative lender typically specializes in […]

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Why Is It Challenging For Women Entrepreneurs To Get Business Funding?

Compared to men entrepreneurs, women business owners face more challenges when getting approved for business funding. Since access to business capital is necessary for business growth, this is a serious problem. Disadvantages for Women Entrepreneurs Women get approved for business loans less often as compared to men. Women entrepreneurs get approved for only 16% of all conventional business loans made in the United States every year. Women only get 80% of the capital men do. This means, to make new products, hire employees and expand their business, women have 20% less capital to use. No matter what type of loan […]

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Business Funding Opportunities For Minority- And Women-Owned Businesses

New businesses give rise to new jobs. 2015 research by the Brookings Institute shows 40% of the new jobs created in the past 20 years were the result of new businesses emerged. Small businesses gave birth to nearly 2 million of the 3 million jobs appeared in the private sector in 2014. Women and minorities are creating more and more new jobs. From 1997 to 2007, the number of small businesses owned by minorities grew by more than 25%. The number of businesses owned by women increased by 7%. The number of businesses that weren’t owned by minorities rose by […]

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Why Women Business Owners Find It Hard To Get Credit from Banks

That banks are turning women small business owners away is no secret. Women tend to be overlooked for loans in the prevailing banking climate for a number of reasons. Here we look at some of the main reasons behind the plight of women with regards to credit services. Perceived risk on the lender’s side Lenders are very wary of any deals that may lead to losses on their end. Banks in particular are traditionally less willing to administer loans to small-to-medium sized businesses. For women, this suspicion seems to multiply, perhaps because few women have followed new ventures such as […]

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