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Independent Sales Organization | ISO Program for Merchants

Do you want to know what the primary role of an Independent Sales Organization or ISO is? Are you interested in how an ISO helps merchants? You’re in the right place! Just read this blog post and you’ll know. What an Independent Sales Organization Is An Independent Sales Organization is also referred to as ISO. However, you can also find it mentioned as a Member Service Provider or MSP. An ISO is a third-party company contracted by a credit card member bank to find, open and manage merchant accounts on behalf of the financial institution it represents. Also, these organizations […]

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Boost Sales With a Merchant Cash Advance ISO Program

Merchant cash advances are popular, short-term funding options that are perfect for small businesses and high-risk merchants. However, since some merchant cash advances are fairly new type of financing to some merchants, they are cautious about applying for this type of funding online. They don’t know much about merchant cash advances or how they work. Then, there are those clients that you do manage to get on board with merchant cash advances only to find the financial provider declines their applications. Needless to say, if you are going at these sales alone, it’s challenging. Due to the nuances that come […]

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What is an Independent Sales Organization (ISO)?

Are you curious about what an ISO is? In the world of merchant services, an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) is a third-party organization that represents a bank or other financial institution that sells and promotes its services. Also known as a “Merchant Service Provider”, an ISO sets up partnerships with various banks to find, open and manage merchant accounts on behalf of the financial institution it represents. After reaching an agreement, the ISO is then able to act as a representative of any financial institution with which they have an agreement. What is the Primary Role of an ISO? The […]

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Turn Your Cash Advance Declines Into Revenue

Do you need quick access to working capital? Have you tried a merchant cash advance (MCA)? Are looking for portals for a cash advance ISO? Just keep on reading this article and you’ll know how to get the best for your business needs. Fed Up With Cash Advance Declines? Are you dealing with cash advance declines? What’s the way out? How can you get revenue instead of ending up with declines? First of all, let’s see what a cash advance is. There’s a widespread belief that an MCA is a loan. It’s not true: a merchant cash advance is simply […]

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Get More Cash Advance Deals Approved

Are you considering to become a merchant cash advance broker? How can you help your clients find funding for various business-related projects? To start, you should find a reputable financial institution that will offer you an ISO cash advance. Read this article to get to know how you can turn cash advance deal declines into dollars. On the Lookout for an ISO Cash Advance A merchant cash advance (MCA) has turned into a highly popular type of business funding in recent years. Many business owners choose a merchant cash advance over traditional loans. Why? An MCA provides quick and easy […]

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Merchant Cash Advance Solutions – ISO Referral Program for Agents

We understand how difficult it is to be a cash advance agent trying to link a merchant in need of backing to a financing company. Yes, you may be good at the sales part of your job, winning over every business owner you approach, but how many of your deals do you close and earn a fair commission from? Well, if you have the inherent ability to spot companies that are struggling to get financial assistance, business that no lender wishes to help again, then we are looking for you. First American Merchant is a dedicated online funding firm that […]

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Having Issues Closing Cash Advance Deals?

Are you the agent or broker in search of an online financial company that will turn your cash advance deal declines into dollars? Well, not every firm you choose to work for will adequately reward your efforts. In fact, some of them will reject almost every offer you present after you have hassle hard enough to convince a merchant to come your way. But First American Merchant is here to close every worthwhile deal you work for you. FAM is a popular online commercial finance provider that utilizes agents to reach out to all high-risk merchants looking for cash advance […]

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Turn Cash Advance Declines Into Dollars

Are you an ISO agent in search of a financial institution that will turn cash advance deal declines into dollars? Well, First American Merchant is a popular online funding provider that works with all types of businesses regardless of type and may have your solution, to help close those hard to fund deals. Though merchants can directly come to us for funding, most MCA sales are the efforts of ISO agents who visit potential clients and link the bridge. The Problem Most times cash advance deals get turned down because the agent is dealing with a lender who is less […]

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Hey Agents, We’ll complete Your Cash Advance Declines

Are you a driven cash advance agent who’s been working tirelessly to break even in the rather complex marketplace? Have you gotten weary of making efforts to talk clients into your deals only to get them decline by the financial provider for one reason or another? And when you successfully make it to close a deal, how much money do you earn— are there any bonuses or residuals? These days, most micro-business owners prefer winning their MCA deals from resourceful agents rather than applying online. Actually, financial providers themselves admit that most of their MCA clients come from broker connections […]

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Having Problems Closing Cash Advance Deals Because of Declines?

Merchant cash advance (MCA), a highly popular alternative to traditional business funding, is a form of online lending. Much of the selling of MCAs happens offline by brokers who call and visit clients. Merchant cash advance lenders aren’t the only ones who choose to work with brokers to connect with customers. Financing companies offering short-term small-business loans rely on the same independent broker networks as well. Merchant Cash Advance There’s a popular belief that a merchant cash advance is a short-term loan or a high-interest advance. In fact, it’s not true: an MCA is simply a sale or a purchase […]

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