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ACH Business Loans, ACH Business Payments & Open Banking

Old technology and payment processing systems often make modern small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) launched by modern entrepreneurs get stuck. Thus, businesses lose their operational flexibility and stop to further develop. How can ACH business payments help? Where can you get affordable and secure ACH business loans? Just go on reading below to know. ACH Business Loans & U.S. Open Banking The term “Open Banking” is used by the U.K. to denote the implementation of PSD2 (the European Union’s 2nd Payment Services Directive). The latter isn’t limited within the E.U.’s regulation. PSD2 gives authorization to banks to allow 3rd parties […]

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Slave to Your Own Business? Need ACH eCheck Services?

As a small business owner, are you free or you’re enslaved by your own business? Do you feel like a caged animal? So, what can you do if your business demands all of your time and energy leaving you with nothing? Besides, where can you find exceptional ACH eCheck services to grow your business? Just read below and you’ll know. ACH eCheck Services for Your Business People often start a business to enjoy more freedom. Ironically, they lose some of that freedom because it’s critical to work so many more hours. Beyond any doubt, starting your own business is a […]

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Federal Reserve Seeks Feedback on New Hours for Fedwire Funds

The Federal Reserve recently released a request for comment on potential changes to its National Settlement Service (NSS) and Fedwire Funds Service. It has also asked for feedback on a possible new posting time for transactions and an increased daylight overdraft fee. The National Settlement Service is a multilateral settlement service owned and operated by the Federal Reserve Banks. According to the Federal Reserve, the service is offered to depository institutions that settle for participants in private-sector clearing and/or settlement arrangements. The benefits for financial institutions reduces the duration of settlement risk for participants by providing same-day finality. It also […]

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Best Lending Game to Play: ACH eCheck Services

What’s the best funding option for a small to mid-sized business when getting through rough patches? How can you, as a merchant, get easily approved for some extra capital for your company after being rejected by traditional financial institutions? The answers are in the lines below! Modern Lending Game: ACH eCheck Services As you know, bigger lenders or banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America aren’t willing to finance small businesses. Instead, they prefer to work with large organizations with a proven track record of financial operations. That’s where alternative online lenders and processors step into play with their […]

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Get an ACH Loan

Are you looking for some innovative products in today’s alternative lending marketplace? What about an ACH loan? What does it mean? Where can you get it easily? Just move forward to learn more on the topic. ACH Loan: Know What It Is An ACH (Automated Clearing House) loan is also known as an ACH advance or cash flow. Automated Clearing House can be described as a way to transfer funds from one bank account to another via direct deposit or direct payment by using ACH transaction banking. Some consider this type of loans a “cash flow” loan. The reason is […]

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ACH Payments and ACH Business Loans for Your Small Business

Paper checks used for small business loan payments are becoming a history. The alternative lending market is increasingly turning to ACH payments. To get more information on ACH payments and ACH business loans, just read this article. ACH Payments ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments are also referred to as eChecks. These payments are being more and more often used for online and point-of-purchase payments. This is also true of B2B (business-to-business) and P2P (person-to-person) payments. The costs associated with ACH payment processing depends on your merchant account provider or the entity you use for ACH payment processing. Automated Clearing House […]

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Enhance Your Business with ACH eCheck Services

Accept electronic check payments, increase sales, and reduce the costs that come with paper check processing by using ACH eCheck services. Using these services not only boosts customer satisfaction, but, it allows you to grow your revenue because you are giving customers another payment option by offering check and ACH transactions. The Beauty of ACH eCheck Services To understand the benefits, you must understand ACH, which stands for the Automated Clearing House, and eCheck services. ACH refers to the main network that processes most of the electronic payments in the United States. On the other hand, electronic checks are a […]

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ACH Business Loans Give Access to Working Capital

Businesses that wants to expand operations, unroll a new product, or hire new team members can fund their project with the help of ACH business loans. These loans are popular funding solutions for small and midsized businesses because they provide quick access to working capital and they don’t need to put up any collateral. Unlike traditional loans, many lenders, such as First American Merchant, will approve ACH business loans in just a few days. Startups and smaller businesses, which don’t have long business histories and have little or poor credit, also are drawn to these loans because they don’t require […]

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Cash in on the Benefits of ACH eCheck Services

ACH eCheck services are a simple an easy way for businesses and consumers to enter the e-commerce world. Unfortunately, there is some confusion surrounding the services, which include ACH payments and eCheck processing, because many in the financial industry use the terms interchangeably. On a fundamental level, ACH payments and eChecks are the same because they both make payments or deposits by transferring money from one bank account into another. ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the main network that processes most of the electronic transactions in the United States while electronic checks are a form of payment. Since eChecks, which […]

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Same-Day ACH & eCheck Processing For High-Risk Businesses

Same-day ACH and eCheck processing are still underused payment taking methods compared to other forms, e.g., credit cards. However, they always have the benefit of providing instant cash when you’re in need. You receive your money as soon as the on the same day; a feature that makes them unique compared to other payment techniques. So if you’re the entrepreneur whose business requires both/any of the payment services mentioned above, don’t worry where to start from. First American Merchant is a financial service provider that offers same-day ACH as well as eCheck processing. And they do this at very low […]

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