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Financing for Customers Buying Tires with Bad Credit

According to financial experts, the best way to improve credit is to pay bills on time each month. You, as a merchant running a tire store, can help your customers with bad credit build their credit and get new tires for their vehicle. Merchants Can Help Bad Credit Customers Get Tire Financing People with good credit can enjoy the best interest rates when borrowing money. As credit score goes down, interest rates go up because lending money becomes of greater risk to the company. The same refers also to those having no credit history, but can’t be said about people […]

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Retail Consumer Financing for Your Tire or Auto Repair Shop

Are you a small business owner looking for the right way to finance your business? Consider a retail consumer finance program. It can help you get access to the working capital you need so to be able to grow your business and take it to new heights. Retail Consumer Finance Program There is a tendency in the retail industry to offer financing options to potential customers. The reason is that it can be of great help to those who have limited cash. Also, it helps you reach more potential customers. If you’re interested in a financing option, including a retail […]

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Automotive Repair Financing Program Options

The automotive repair and maintenance industry is both increasing revenue and becoming more profitable. Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services Industry The global automotive repair and maintenance services industry is projected to grow at a double-digit compound annual rate from 2015 to 2025, according to Future Market Insights. Such growth is based on the fact that the vehicle production is increasing and there is more demand from emerging markets. The US automotive repair and maintenance services industry is comprised of nearly 160.000 establishments (single-location companies and units of multi-location companies), accounting for annual revenue of about $105 billion. Without a reliable […]

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Automotive Payment Processing Solutions

More and more entrepreneurs are turning to alternative lenders like First American Merchant for their payment processing needs. Why? Industries like automotive are considered to be high risk by banks and other traditional providers. At first glance, running an auto shop seems to be straightforward. However, the day-to-day operations of an auto shop are incredibly diverse. Large average ticket sizes for repairs and parts are typical for this industry. Unfortunately, this also leads to fund holds or overwhelming chargeback rates. As a result, banks consider these businesses too risky and turn them away. Without a merchant account, businesses are unable […]

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How Your Small Business Can Achieve Efficiency and Growth

Nearly all businesses of the same scale have the same key goals across different industries. According to a 2016 Q4 survey, small businesses want to see improvement in business efficiencies, increase profitability, spend less time on the actual business and generally see business growth. A small percentage of these businesses are already actively employing measures to attain the desired growth. A larger percentage of them are however aware of what they need but are yet to make any notable steps toward achieving the same. They need to make changes that will enable them to either expand their customer base or […]

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What Business Funding Can Do For Your Business and Equipment Upgrade

Business funding is typically thought of as a last resort. While it is in many aspects, the new breed of business funding is safer and has less of a financial impact when compared to the old bank loan method. While many merchants use business funding for past due bills and emergency purchases, there are many things that you can do with it to revitalize a stabile business. Below are some of the best things that you can do with business funding to help liven up your business – regardless of what type of shape it is in. Equipment This is […]

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How to Start Your Own Mechanic Shop

Are you a talented mechanic? A lot of mechanics waste their time working for others when they could be opening their own shops. If you are a dedicated mechanic with basic business skills and access to startup funds, you may be able to start a successful mechanic business. The following are a few essential tips on how to start a mechanic shop. Weigh the Costs There are a variety of costs related to starting an auto repair shop. Machinery makes up a considerable amount of upfront costs. Let’s take a look: Diagnostic Machines $5,000-$10,000. Shop Rent $1,500 – $15,000 per […]

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