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By First American Merchant

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Retail ATMs, Prepaid Cards, & Banks Closing Rural Branches

Banks are closing their rural branches. What’s with retail ATMs and prepaid cards? If you’re seeking answers to these questions, you’re at the right place. Prepaid Cards & Closed Bank Branches Let’s start with credit cards. You can find them in various shapes and forms. Prepaid credit cards are among the most convenient options available these days. They enable the user to be safer and responsible for their spending. Consumers can use this type of card to purchase from any corner of the world where credit/debit cards are accepted: both offline and online places. One of the differences between a […]

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Are Digital Payments Killing ATMs?

The 1st ever drop in the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) in 4 of the 5 largest ATM markets is already registered. Are electronic payment methods killing cash? The number of ATM machines in Brazil, China, India, Japan, and the U.S. reduced almost 6% in 2018, thus making up 1.62 million. To learn more about the topic, as well as discover the most reliable and cheapest alternative business loans, just read below. Digital Payments & Alternative Business Loans In the modern era of cashless payments, the need for cash hasn’t gone away. This means ATM machines haven’t lost their demand. What […]

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Learning from The Wells Fargo Glitch

As you may know, Wells Fargo has suffered a shutdown that stopped card processing, ATMs, and other financial services. This was a wake-up call for the industry. If you want to know more about the topic and find the best countertop ATM in the market, just read below. Modern Payments Ecosystem: Countertop ATM Smartphones and wearable technology are surging in popularity all over the world. Increasingly, more and more people are adopting mCommerce and eCommerce solutions offered by the modern payments world. Today’s banking and financial services, technology companies and the diverse payment technology options will undoubtedly push the industry […]

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How Can ATMs Stay Relevant? Discover the Best Countertop ATM

ATM machines turned 50 in 2017. In today’s world of digital banking and online retail, these machines are adapting to the global trend. Are you interested in a countertop ATM? Who can help you with this? Just read below and you’ll know. Modern Payment Processing: ATM Machines In December 2018, the payments study by the Federal Reserve revealed showed that ATM withdrawals at large banks dropped by 2.8% during 2016 – 2017. In the same month, the Pew Research Center reported the results of its online-shopping and eCommerce study. The latter revealed some interesting facts. Namely: 24% of US adults […]

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Counter Top ATMs And It’s Many Benefits

There’s been an ongoing silent shift from the costly credit/debit card transactions to use of ATMs. Savvy businesses have realized that cutting costs is a part of proper financial management. As a micro-business owner, you should now admit that statistically the improved sales you enjoy form taking credit card payments outweighs the costs linked to merchant services. First American Merchant not only offers your business a low-cost countertop ATM but will also guide you through the entire installation process. Having worked with many ATM vendors and service companies, FAM can get you both countertop and script ATMs whether you want […]

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How Does a Countertop ATM Machine Work for My Small Business?

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of always seeking cost-effective options. This is just one of the many reasons why business owners are turning to countertop ATM machines. Instead of losing money on credit card or debit card transactions on a traditional card reader, they are choosing to earn money on ATM transactions instead. A countertop ATM is a small device – similar in size to a traditional card payment terminal – that works just like an ATM. Instead of giving cash, however, the customer is provided with a “Scrip”. This piece of paper shows you the […]

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Securing a Countertop ATM for Your Small Business

As a small business, it can be challenging to keep up with ever-changing technology. However, if you want to remain competitive with larger corporations, it is a must. One of the ways you can improve your customers’ experience and operate more efficiently is to introduce countertop ATMs. If your business has been trying to stay ahead of the changes in payment processing to safely accept debit and credit cards from customers, you will definitely appreciate the benefits of having a countertop ATM. What is a Countertop ATM? A countertop ATM is exactly as it sounds: a small device that can […]

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Getting a Countertop ATM for Your Business

Are you, as a merchant, looking for ways to save money while generating revenue? A countertop ATM can help you increase sales to be able to accept more than cash. You can charge from $2-$4 or more for each transaction. Consider obtaining new and profitable ways of processing bankcard payments by cashless ATMs, which are also called Point of Banking terminals. Cashless electronic transactions offer a high level of convenience. Thanks to convenient payment options, your customers will buy more from you, thus increasing the sales average per customer. Get a Countertop ATM from FAM If you’re considering a countertop […]

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Low Cost ATM Machines are a Reality for Merchants

We all know that ATM machines can be insanely expensive, big, bulky, and they can take up a lot of room. This can be a big issue if you have a smaller store, or if you really just do not like the way that a full-sized ATM machine looks. Luckily, there are ATM options to help your cash-only business maintain its customers. While ATM machines can be massive, there are smaller options available. When working with a merchant account provider, you need to make sure that they are aware of the different options available when it comes to ATM machines. […]

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How a Countertop ATM Machine Equals Growth for Your Retail Business

Merchants across the country are looking for ways to save money while making money in this slow economy. Setting up a countertop ATM machine can help increase sales to accept more than cash only. Many consumers don’t carry around cash these days and driving to the bank leads to slower turnover rate. Merchants can charge $2, $3, $4 or more per transaction. Buying, leasing, or even inquiring about a free ATM program could increase your sales opportunity. A new and profitable way of processing bankcard payments is by cashless ATMs, also known as Point of Banking terminals. Cashless electronic transactions […]

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