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How Does a Countertop ATM Machine Work for My Small Business?

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of always seeking cost-effective options. This is just one of the many reasons why business owners are turning to countertop ATM machines. Instead of losing money on credit card or debit card transactions on a traditional card reader, they are choosing to earn money on ATM transactions instead.

A countertop ATM is a small device – similar in size to a traditional card payment terminal – that works just like an ATM. Instead of giving cash, however, the customer is provided with a “Scrip”. This piece of paper shows you the amount the customer wishes to withdrawal, along with the pre-set limit value (this amount is set during the initial agreement process between you and your provider). Because you can charge anywhere from $2-$4 per transaction, this machine can help your small business earn money and increase sales.

How Does the Setup Process Work?

If you have decided you want to earn money with ATM transactions, consider working with a provider like First American Merchant. The team at FAM has years of experience in providing flexible payment processing solutions. Your small business not only benefits from FAM’s partnerships with a variety of ATM providers and services companies, but you also have the option to buy, lease or inquire after a free countertop ATM machine.

The following are just some of the benefits of securing an ATM machine with First American Merchant:

  • Countertop ATM machines allow your business to accept more than cash-only.
  • Convenient payment options enable customers to buy more – increase your sales.
  • Consumers pay the cost of the bankcard transaction through a convenience fee.
  • You save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars each month in processing fees.
  • The system simply connects to a power outlet and land line.
  • The application takes minutes to complete.

First American Merchant provides services to a long list of merchants, including: automotive, beauty salon, construction, doctors, dentistry, hotel and motel, restaurant, retail, trucking, among many others. If you would like to learn more about using a countertop ATM machine, contact the team at First American Merchant. Secure the services you need to help your business grow and offer your customers the very best in payment processing options – all at the same time.