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4 Things We Can Learn from Female Political Leaders amid Covid-19

It’s sad that we still consider our women second best after men in many aspects of life. This disregard continues even after a woman has worked hard to earn an administrative or leadership role. But Coronavirus has led to a new revelation regarding women and their ability to lead. For some reason, women have shown more resilience and creativity when it comes to surviving a crisis. Perhaps it explains the many recent feminine headlines praising the critical role of women political frontrunners from all corners of the globe. Being a leader or owning a business is not an easy feat […]

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COVID-19-Business Funding For Your Business | The Cares Act

The COVID-19 virus has caused catastrophic damage, amassing tens of thousands of casualties around the world. In addition to the tragic loss of life, the global economy continues to suffer a violent disturbance as millions of people are ordered to stay home and have little contact with others, much less frequent their favorite businesses and shops. As a result, many small businesses have suffered a disastrous loss of revenue, with little hope for recovery. Some may survive the outbreak, but a larger amount may have to shut operations for good. Despite the outbreak’s implications on small businesses, there is hope […]

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Department of Business Oversight – Consumer Alert During Covid-19

DBO – Consumer Alert In light of recent events, the Department of Business Oversight (DBO) urges consumers and investors to be alert to scams and unlawful activities in the investment and other financial services industries.  The DBO encourages investors to carefully investigate any potential investment opportunities at a time when unscrupulous actors will likely try to exploit heightened economic anxieties. Consumers and investors can submit complaints to the DBO at Loan Modification and Foreclosure Scams Homeowners facing foreclosure should be aware of these common scams: Deed-Transferring to Third Party – Scammers have told homeowners that by transferring the deed […]

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4 Steps to Create a Workable Small Business Plan

What makes a great business plan? In addition to writing and covering all the key details, your business plan needs to be workable. Many templates outline the most important and common business plan information you need to include but miss one crucial element: creating a step by step plan. Your business plan is a road map, helping you navigate new territory and maintain your focus on your business goals. You need to not only detail precisely what you intend to do, but also how it will come to fruition. You need a workable business plan. To ensure you create a […]

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6 Ways to Reduce Your Debt as an Entrepreneur

Who said running a business is easy? Knowing how to properly reduce debt is one of the challenges for business owners. Below, you can find helpful tips to avoid cash flow issues as much as possible. So, let’s start. How to Successfully Reduce Business Debt Very often, entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of managing business finances. When bound to deal with some ups and downs concerning your cash flow, use the below-mentioned tips to overcome the obstacles easily: Set clear goals. Build a plan, taking into account your budget. Start by analyzing your budget. See whether you’re making some […]

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Tips to Avoid Anxiety While Running a Business

Running a business is stressful, and this is something all business owners face. So, the sooner you learn how to deal with stress and anxiety, the better. Let’s see how you can do it. Running a Business Isn’t Without Stress Owning a business can’t be without stress and anxiety. This is quite normal. In fact, anxiety represents one of the most common mental health-related conditions for business owners. If left in ignorance, anxiety in leadership can harm not only productivity but also the bottom-line revenues of your company. Stress management is of immense importance. However, having access to the right […]

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Set Your Business Goals and Make Them Happen!

As a small business, setting goals is always beneficial. Have a detailed strategy that outlines milestones and ways in which you’ll measure performance and progress. From improving marketing reach, cutting expenses or getting your business organized, these tips will help you triumph in all your small business goals. Know What Your Strategy Is Before Setting Your Small Business Goals While planning your small business goals for the year, it is key to keep the big picture in mind. This will help keep you strategically focused and on track with your goals. According to London Business School professor Elsbeth Johnson, important […]

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Small Business Resource and Bookkeeping Tips

Bookkeeping may have not been at the top of your list of reasons as to why you became a small business owner. Perhaps you hated your accounting class in college, or you really never thought of yourself as a “math person”. Regardless of the reason, bookkeeping is a crucial skill that needs to be learned in order to succeed as a business owner. So, What is Bookkeeping? Bookkeeping is the process of recording and organizing a business’s financial transactions. These transactions can include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments made by an individual person or organization/corporation. Bookkeeping is the number one […]

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7 Scams Small Business Owners Should Know & Avoid

As a rule, scammers target smaller businesses instead of larger ones. Small businesses don’t have as many resources to fight fraud as big ones. This article is about the common scams that you, as a small business owner, should avoid. Also, it’s about a reliable and cheap small business loan you need to grow your company. Small Business Loan & Scams Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated day by day. They’re getting better at finding ways to hack businesses. Theft, financial statement fraud, and misuse of assets… Let’s go through the common types of small business scams you should […]

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Stay On Top Of Your Small Business Finances With These Tips

It is no mystery that running a small business has its fair share of challenges. The myriad of tasks that a business owner must perform in a single day can include seeking potential customers, keep spending under budget, keeping customers happy, as well as keeping your employees happy. It’s only natural that the stressed and time-starved business owner would rather shy away from analyzing and managing the financial health of their organization. However, not managing your finances will spell disaster for your small business. Here are eight tips to get you motivated to stay on top of your small business […]

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