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The Advantages of Business Credit Cards

While you are continuing to figure out your cash flow during the beginning stages of your business, using a personal or business credit card may best type of financing to help you with those unexpected expenses. If managed properly, a credit card can help you get started and take care of any financial challenges along the way. Check out the benefits of using a business credit card here: It’s a Simpler Financing Option Than a Bank: Getting a new business loan from a traditional lender is not easy when you are first starting out. In most cases, banks require you […]

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Create More Referrals & Get Business Loans with No Credit

If you want to grow your business, you should maximize your referral strategy. Well, how to motivate your past and current clients, customers, users, friends, and others to let the world know about your products/services? This article will tell you how. Also, you’ll learn how to obtain business loans with no credit easily. Grow Your Business with Referrals and Business Loans with No Credit As technology advances, more solutions appear like social media, search engines, apps, and lead-sharing platforms to help you grow your business. However, this isn’t enough. Creating referrals from trusted friends, colleagues, and family members still remains […]

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Raising the Minimum Wage in New Jersey

It’s not easy to live a life below the poverty line. Even if you live in the richest country in the world, this a rather challenging situation indeed. The minimum wage raise to $15 in N.J. could be regarded as an addition to the current state requirement of increasing the minimum for annual inflation. There’s a consistent higher unemployment rate in some southern New Jersey counties as compared to the other parts of the state. The cost of living is relatively high in N.J., and the minimum wage is staying behind it. The costs associated with healthcare and childcare grew […]

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Why You Should Monitor Your Business’s Taxes Year-round

The business owner’s mind has a lot to mull over year-round and among the matters they should worry about is tax compliance. Though not given enough attention by many, it is arguably one of the critical factors affecting their businesses. According to Brian D. Kitchen, a Tax Strategist at Kreischer Miller, merchants should learn the significance of knowing their tax liability under the newly passed Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, and recognize that proper monitoring of taxes year-round can be of help during filing season. Discover more ways tax compliance could impact business decisions all through the year. Estimated Tax […]

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A Business Owner’s Guide to Improving Time Management

Proper time management is a habit you develop gradually. There’s often more work than the time to complete tasks. And those who run a business know this better. We have work, households, friends, family, business and civic commitments, and the once in a while vacation, yet there’s never enough time to achieve everything we need and wish to do. Entrepreneurs are frequent victims of this situation. They often have to do more work with less time, and that’s the case for every budding company. Here’s a guide to help you keep operations going without straining. Do away with time wasters […]

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The Math of Business: 5 Financial Metrics All Micro-Business Owners Should Know

All micro-business financial metrics discussed below are known to pretty much every retailer in the world of commerce. However, this guide seeks to shed more light on these critical aspects of running a business. So what are some key metrics a small firm owner should check? 1-Income/revenue Income is the equal of your total sales. Without revenue, your business is as bad as dead. You can’t pay staff, order product delivery or sustain operations. So income straight away qualifies as the first metrics to put a tail on. If possible, track your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly income to […]

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2018’s Guide to Building Business Credit

Every retailer is aware of the importance of building business credit— most of them just don’t know how to go about it.  It is one factor they look at when assessing your eligibility for a micro-business loan, a line of credit, or any other kind of funding. Follow this guide to build credit for your company. Understand the process of Business Credit Reporting You need to learn the process of business credit reporting. Credit reporting agencies get their data from the lenders and creditors that offer you funding and process the info via an algorithm to determine your business credit […]

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Ways to Market Your Business to Millennials

There are 71 million millennials, aged 20 to 35. This unique group looks for marketing approaches that are much different than what previous generations responded to. As you put together your small business marketing strategy, make sure you also consider the following tips: Optimize content for social media Nowadays, there is so much content on the internet. The key to keeping your millennial customers’ attention is to share great, personalized content. It is especially important to focus on optimizing content for social media. When it comes to millennials, social media is the new SEO. Reach out to millennials via social […]

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Terms All Business Owners Must Need to Succeed

Knowing basic accounting terminology will help you efficiently manage your cash flow and make you aware of when you won’t have enough and will need to find it elsewhere. The problem is that small businesses are often by newer owners who don’t always realize they are in trouble until too late. Small businesses also face the challenges of not being very attractive to traditional lenders, like banks. They don’t want to take a risk on businesses, especially those in high-risk industries, because they have no collateral and nonexistent or poor credit. But, by knowing when you may be facing a […]

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6 Best Business Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read

There are so many challenges for small businesses to overcome. Should you hire that employee? Do you need to secure a merchant cash advance to boost cash-flow? Running a successful business is a never-ending learning process. If you are eager to learn more about how you can boost your leadership skills, increase profitability and improve hiring, consider the following 6 best business books: 1.      Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World by Tim Ferriss is an incredible 600+ page business book that compiles everything Tim Ferriss has worked on over the past decade. […]

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