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Get a Business Cash Advance Regardless of Bad Credit

Merchant cash advance has become the alternative business loan for financing small business owners. Many are now choosing a merchant cash advance over a traditional bank loan because it offers them flexible payment schedules and can approve credit scores below 500.

These days the market is flowing with electronic merchants, brick and mortar retail stores, and start-ups that are focusing on growth through the internet. While the potential to open a wider consumer base through online sales is evident, banks are becoming less available for these businesses to secure loans from traditional lenders. In the current economy that we are in, banks are labeling small businesses as “high risk” and aren’t funding the businesses that need it the most. 1st American Merchant Funding specializes in securing businesses that are “high risk” and approves merchants by the potential of their future sales.

Get a business cash advance even with bad credit. Your credit doesn’t matter, we accept businesses and help them get started and provide services and products consumers want.

A merchant cash advance is not a short term loan or a high interest advance. It is a simple sale. Merchant cash advances purchase your future sales at a discount. Both parties agree to the amount of sales being purchased and for what discounted cost. After being approved you receive your funds after 72 hours. 1st American Merchant Advance has simple, flexible programs and no tax returns or financials are required.

The benefits of a merchant cash advance include high approval rate, fast funding & easy renewals, simple “no hassle” payback, revenue based collections, and no credit or collateral on the line. Apply and learn more about how you can benefit from a merchant cash advance. Partnering with First American Merchant, we also encourage you to accept credit cards/debit cards because it is a given fact that customers spend more while using credit cards and many times than not, they don’t carry cash. We can help set you up with processing solutions with the lowest rates.

Getting a traditional loan from the bank has strict credit requirements and long wait times for funding. At 1st American Merchant Advance we deliver fast application approval and simple contracts.

Get a business cash advance to get your business moving forward today!