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FBI to Fight Cybercriminals: What About You?

The FBI has decided to take a directive shift away from counterterrorism. Now, it’s time to fight against the growing threats from cyberattacks, as a Wall Street Journal report states. How are you going to fight cybercriminals? To get answers and know more about the topic, just read below. FBI Fighting Cybercriminals According to Third Way, a center-left think tank in Washington, less than 1% of cyber incidents that can cause harm must be in the center of attention of law enforcement bodies. As a rule, investigations focus on much larger crimes, e.g., when countries get attacked. According to Amy […]

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How to Fight a Chargeback

If a chargeback has made its way into your system, as a merchant you have five to seven days to get back to the merchant account servicer. At all costs, you need to have this done. As a busy merchant, you may think it a most inconvenient thing to happen, but it is also your responsibility to answer to this. By avoiding it, you set yourself up for the loss of your merchant account. Let’s start at the beginning A customer has requested a chargeback. The first thing you need to do is verify that indeed, that customer made a […]

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