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High Risk Credit Card Processing Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Legalizing Online Sports Betting Could Distress Payment Firms

In May 2018, the Supreme Court declared the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) unconstitutional in a 6-3 decision. What this means is that it will be left up to the states to decide whether or not to allow its residents to bet on sports. They will also be able to establish their own “regulated” sports betting. PASPA was signed into law by then-President George H.W. Bush in 1992 but went into effect in January 1993. It essentially banned states from both regulating and taxing sports betting. The act seemed ineffective, even dated as the rise and rapid growth […]

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Why Are High Risk Merchant Account Fees so High?

Are you tabbed as high risk merchant? Well, expect to face difficulties on your way. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that your high risk account won’t come with low rates and fees. So, why is it so? Also, who can get you the most reliable and affordable high risk merchant services, including a credit repair merchant account? Just read below to know. High Risk Merchant Account: Credit Repair Merchant Account Merchant accounts are classified as high risk because of the risks associated with them. This type of accounts has to do with higher incurring […]

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The Advantages of Business Credit Cards

While you are continuing to figure out your cash flow during the beginning stages of your business, using a personal or business credit card may best type of financing to help you with those unexpected expenses. If managed properly, a credit card can help you get started and take care of any financial challenges along the way. Check out the benefits of using a business credit card here: It’s a Simpler Financing Option Than a Bank: Getting a new business loan from a traditional lender is not easy when you are first starting out. In most cases, banks require you […]

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When All You Need Is An Offshore Merchant Account

Do you need an offshore merchant account? Do you think working offshore can be tricky? How to open this type of merchant account without challenges and with the best possible terms? Just read this article and you’ll get answers to your questions. What Is an Offshore Merchant Account? An offshore merchant account is also called an international merchant account or “off shore” merchant account. This is an option for payment processing. It’s available to merchants with high risk businesses, a history of chargebacks or fraud, or bad credit. Thanks to offshore credit card processing, merchants who can’t be approved for […]

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High-Risk Merchant Account Solutions for Credit Repair Businesses

Everything is high-risk about a credit repair businesses, from its name to the nature of activity it gets involved with. So don’t get shocked if your credit repair merchant account gets terminated or your request to secure one gets rejected. Nevertheless, FAM is now here to assist credit repairing businesses survive and flourish by helping them open accounts and install credit and debit card payment processing solutions. And with our improving economy, you expect to see more Americans look for long-lasting remedies to their financial problems. What’s the Right Merchant Account for Your Risky Business? The features of the high-risk […]

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Small Business Owner | High Risk Merchant Account Options

Struggling to find the merchant account services you need? If you’ve been turned away by the bank – or multiple banks – it’s time to consider what a high-risk provider can offer you. For the “high-risk” business, small business funding and payment processing services continue to be difficult to find. A high-risk provider offers safe and secure options, regardless of the risks involved with a business type or industry. First American Merchant, for example, is a full-service provider. Meaning, their team of professionals have years of experience helping “hard-to-approve” merchants secure all the services they need to operate smoothly and […]

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Automotive Payment Processing Solutions

More and more entrepreneurs are turning to alternative lenders like First American Merchant for their payment processing needs. Why? Industries like automotive are considered to be high risk by banks and other traditional providers. At first glance, running an auto shop seems to be straightforward. However, the day-to-day operations of an auto shop are incredibly diverse. Large average ticket sizes for repairs and parts are typical for this industry. Unfortunately, this also leads to fund holds or overwhelming chargeback rates. As a result, banks consider these businesses too risky and turn them away. Without a merchant account, businesses are unable […]

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Alternatives to High Risk Business Loans for the Small Business Owner

Some industries are considered to be riskier than others. For these businesses, funding options becoming seriously limited. In an effort to secure the capital they require to operate smoothly and cover expenses, many turn to high risk business loans. The problem with trying to secure a small business loan with a bank is that traditional lenders are unwilling to work with risky industries or those struggling with a bad credit history. Even if they do offer specialized business loans, you can expect to experience long wait times for approval, hefty collateral requirements and extensive documentation requests. As a result, startups […]

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Your Merchant Service Provider is The Reliable Business Partner You Never Knew You Had

As a businessperson looking to set up a card payment service, you might view your account provider as only a vendor that provides business solutions and charges a fee. But these companies are more than just payment processors. Both the merchant and the provider shake hands with the same goal in mind: to realize more credit card purchases. For the payment service company to be successful, the merchant has to be successful. This shared focus means that both sides have to work together. A merchant account relationship is, therefore, built on more than just a signed document. It is a […]

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The Importance of PCI Compliance To Business

The widespread acceptance of credit cards as a primary method of making payments has brought benefits to merchants and customers alike. However, cases of identity theft, fraud and data breaches remain a significant concern among industry players. Consequently, the recent years have seen the tightening of PCI DDS rules to ensure the security of credit card transactions. What is PCI DDS? Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of regulations that govern how all businesses should accept, process and transmit credit card information to maintain a secure business environment for all. Any organization that handles any card data […]

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