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Capital and Cash Partner Accounts

What Capital and Cash Partners Need to Know About Capital Accounts If you want to borrow money to help start your business, when you go to a lender, they  will want to know you are invested in your new venture. Opening and maintaining a capital account proves to lenders that you have a stake in your business and you and your capital and cash partners aren’t likely to borrow money and not pay it back. Whether you are planning to establish a business as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability corporation, it makes sense to begin contributing to a […]

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What You Need to Know About Collateral Based Loan Products

Collateral is an asset one can use to secure a loan. When you go borrowing, you agree that your lender can hold something and trade it to repay their cash if you fail to pay back. It is through collateral that you can get huge loans, and better your chances of approval if getting a loan is proving difficult. Anytime you put some collateral on the line your lender reduces liability meaning you’re likely to enjoy better rates. How Does Collateral Work? Most times collateral is required when a lender needs assurance that in the worst case scenario, they won’t […]

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I Have Bad credit, What Business Funding Options Do I Have?

In the world of finance, your credit score means everything! The higher a person’s credit score, the higher their chances of qualifying for great credit offers from multiple financial providers. The opposite happens if your FICO rating is low—or if you’ve done nothing to build credit. But due to the tricky nature of life, it is difficult to run away from a low score, at some point, you’ll find yourself below the line.  So the remedy is to fund your company using means that will better your score when you’re good to push your business a level higher. Here are […]

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Say ‘No’ to the Bank: Where to Find Alternative Small Business Loans

While the small business lending atmosphere has been improving in the last few years, it is still a chore for these businesses to secure the funding they need. At first glance, traditional bank loans seem like the most obvious method of financing. However, more than 82 percent of small business loan applicants are denied business funding by banks. Banks have strict requirements that make it very difficult to be approved. Applicants must have a stellar credit score and collateral. Seemingly endless financial statements and records and a certain amount of time in business requirements also make the process lengthy and […]

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How Much Money Does Your Small Business Need to Succeed?

Cash is king when it comes to running a successful small business. To operate smoothly, you will need cash to pay salaries, fund marketing programs, purchase supplies and inventory, cover rent and invest in equipment, along with all other day-to-day expenses. But how do you know how much cash your business really needs? Do you have enough in reserve to weather unexpected financial situations and seasonal fluctuations? The following questions will help you analyze your current cash-flow and determine how much cash you really need: What does your cash-flow statement say? To find out how much cash your business has […]

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Applying for Merchant Funding? Lending Terms to Know

Have you decided to pursue financing for your business? What type of merchant funding are you interested in? Whatever it is, you should be aware of some important terms before applying for a business loan. Knowing the essential terms, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about financing your business. Also, the process will prove to be much more comfortable for you. Here are several key business lending terms to know: Business Credit Score Business credit scores, also called commercial credit scores, vary from 0 to 100. These scores help your potential lender determine whether your business is worth […]

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Easy Business Loans for Small Merchants and Startups

When you are a small or new business, you likely don’t have too much extra capital to start a new project, grow your inventory, or easily pay your monthly operational expenses. Money is tight and, sometimes, the only real option to get ahead or stay afloat is to borrow. Unfortunately, since the 2008 Great Recession, banks have had to get stricter with their lending regulations. Therefore, it’s not easy to get a loan or financing if you don’t have a good credit score and you are still strengthening your revenue streams. If you don’t have personal assets to use as […]

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The Pros and Cons of Unsecured Business Loans

When you are a small merchant, an unsecured business loan can seem like a blessing and a curse. It is not rare to seek an unsecured business loan when your new business is still having growing pains or you are still building or recovering your credit. It gives you the small burst of cash you need quickly to get whatever hurdle your faces. However, before you jump in and apply for a loan, weigh the pros and cons. The Pros Pro: No Collateral Unlike secured loans, this type of loan doesn’t require collateral to qualify for financing. Therefore, if you […]

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How to Get a Merchant Loan, Regardless of Bad Credit

Bad credit can have affect your life in many ways. It can make it hard to rent an apartment, get the job you want and even prevent you from getting a cell phone contract. For the aspiring entrepreneur, poor credit can halt business plans altogether. Bad credit can not only lead to higher rates and more restrictive terms on approved loans, but also affect your ability to be approved at all. Fortunately, the creativity and flexibility of alternative providers have made it much easier for business owners with bad credit to secure the working capital they need. High-Risk Providers A […]

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Merchant Loans | Where to Find an Alternative Business Loan

Are you seeking an alternative to the traditional small business loan? A merchant cash advance (MCA) might be the cash solution you have been looking for. Consider the following helpful tips on merchant loans and how to decide if this financing option is right for your business. What is a Merchant Cash Advance? A cash advance involves the lender purchasing a slice of your business’ future credit card sales. In exchange, your business receives a cash advance as a lump sum payment. An increasingly sought-after alternative to traditional funding, a cash advance also provides a flexible payment process. The payments […]

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