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Is it Okay to Accept Investment Capital from Your Partner?

You’ve just gotten married, or you’ve been together for a while and your thinking of increasing your sources of income. You talk to your spouse about starting a business, and he/she is excited and offers monetary assistance. What are some of the responses you would give to him/her? Research indicates that one of the reasons for stress in relationships is money. Constant arguments on cash can be used as a predictive factor for divorce. Nevertheless, it is important that you invest in your life partner and share in his/her dreams to strengthen your relationship. Let’s look at some of the […]

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Need Funding with Bad Credit? High Risk Business Loan 2019

You need low cost, flexible funding options, don’t you? Well, what to do if your credit is far from being excellent? This article will show that obtaining a bad credit business loan or funding isn’t as frustrating as you may think. Also, you’ll know how you can get a high risk business loan with ease. Small Business Funding with Poor Credit Serving as a calling card for your business, your credit score shows you haven’t been an excellent “manager” of your finances. The truth is that 500 – 550 (FICO score) will definitely put some rocks on your way. However, […]

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Business Funding: 9 Reasons to Borrow Now

Today, small business owners have multiple options when it comes business funding. The important thing is to avoid borrowing money too aggressively and without a sound basis. This article will tell you some basic reasons why should borrow now. Business Funding: Borrow Now or Not Did you know that 50% of business fail during the 1st 5 years and 66% during the 1st 10? Right planning, funding, and flexibility are the most important factors to help you success and not fail. When it comes to funding, more businesses feel comfortable with online lending. Yes, this is a fact. Why? Online […]

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Know How to Fund Your Business: Merchant Loans for Startup

Are you looking for access to working capital to finance your next big idea? How can you obtain merchant loans for startup without difficulty? What’s important to know about financing your own business? These are questions each business owner is interested in. So, just keep on reading to find the answers below. Financing Your Own Business Not all businesses have the same needs. So, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to getting a financial solution for your company. You should take into account several things, such as the personal financial situation you’re in and what vision you have for your business. You […]

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Unfair Lender Settles Deceptive, Unfair Practices

A loan providing company operating over the internet has agreed to pay the FTC charges for having been involved in misleading and dishonest lending practices. For merchants, it’s critical to work with a reliable lending company, but where can you find one? Who can help you with bad credit merchant account instant approval? You’ll find answers to all these questions below. Deceptive Lending Practices: Bad Credit Merchant Account Instant Approval An online funding provider has recently been charged $3.85 million by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The thing is that the company has been allegedly engaging in misleading and dishonest […]

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POS Lending: Banks & Alternative Lenders

The times when customers were relying on banks to secure a loan are already in the past. Both well-planned and impulse purchases are growing all over the world, so customers are looking for seamless access to a loan wherever and whenever they want, at the POS (point of sale). If you want to know more about POS lending, just keep on reading below. POS Lending & Banks Since banks are usually big, quickly reacting to the ever-changing consumer needs isn’t a simple thing for them at all. Fintech companies (the ones that’re quite agile) have been prioritizing mobile-first point-of-sale financing […]

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Smaller Institutions & FinTechs: Small Business Loan

Community bank and credit union groups have recently been focused on using their lobbying power in Washington to limit the advancement and aspirations of innovative fintech companies. How are you planning the growth of your business? Do you need a reliable and low cost small business loan? Just read this blog post and you’ll learn more about the topic. Also, you’ll discover an exceptional business funding provider. Smaller Institutions & FinTechs This is an era of the physical giving way to the digital. Data is becoming the next gold and oil. Increasingly, consumers both more and less loyal ones, are […]

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Consolidation, Payments & FinTechs: FinTech Business Loan

The payments industry is witnessing major acquisitions these days. Acquisitions make complex processors even more complex. Where can you get the necessary fintech business loan to grow your business successfully and navigate through hard financial times? This article is here to help you with that. Consolidation: Payment Incumbents & FinTechs  Consolidation is quite natural in a declining economic environment among banks. It’s been the natural course in the space for as long as there’ve been banks. Let’s concentrate on what’s happening in the payments space. Well, Jeff Yabuki and Frank Bisignano, Fiserv’s and First Data’s CEOs, state that within 5 […]

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Discover Small-Biz Payments

According to a US Bank study, the vast majority of businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Today, you can find a myriad of options for small-biz payments. So, what’s important to know in this regard? What to expect from Discover? Just read below and you’ll know. Small Business Payments: Discover It Business Card Tens of millions of small businesses exist in the US. They account for an enormous influence on the country’s economy by creating jobs, innovating, and bringing economic impact. When it comes to small-biz financing, small business credit cards play an increasingly important role in this concern. […]

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What You Need To Consider Before Seeking Small Business Financing

Starting a business on your own isn’t that easy. But why do tons of people choose to do so? Maybe, it’s because they believe that they can do it on their own and it’s not wrong to trust yourself. The big question is how businesses stand out in today’s competitive world? Wait, did you know that measuring a business isn’t by profitability? Sure, it’s surprising, but the truth is that it’s measured in terms of how stable it is. A smart business person knows how to make good use of the products he or she has to improve his or […]

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