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Why Are High Risk Merchant Account Fees so High?

Are you tabbed as high risk merchant? Well, expect to face difficulties on your way. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that your high risk account won’t come with low rates and fees. So, why is it so? Also, who can get you the most reliable and affordable high risk merchant services, including a credit repair merchant account? Just read below to know. High Risk Merchant Account: Credit Repair Merchant Account Merchant accounts are classified as high risk because of the risks associated with them. This type of accounts has to do with higher incurring […]

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Credit Reporting Agencies: Why Are They Important to your Business

Attaining a high credit score is every small business’s dream. A recent survey by manta shows that 72% of micro-businesses have no idea about their credit score, nor do their owners have separate credit scores for business and personal use. Loans are just one reason you must build a strong credit score. Secondly, a desirable credit score goes a long way in upgrading your business. Your credit score will determine if your partners will trust you with large projects or even extend your credit. Get started on your business credit score today to grow your business to greater heights. What […]

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PayPal’s New Refund Policy: Credit Repair Merchant Account

PayPal has made a major change to its refund policy, specifically to processing fees. There’ll be no refund on order cancellation. Are you planning to make changes the way you accept payments from your customers? Do you need a reliable and low cost credit repair merchant account? Just read this article to know more on all this. News from PayPal: Credit Repair Merchant Account As you know, the payments giant PayPal allows customers to buy items/services and receive payments for those having been sold. Also, it lets you send refunds on the items you’ve disputed or lost. Recently, the company […]

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Steps to a Credit Repair Merchant Account

Bad credit is widespread, so more and more credit repair companies are surfacing to assist the victims. But it takes time to get a credit repair merchant account and quality accompanying services. Credit repairing merchants are considered high-risk, which means your best shot is with modern account providers and not banks. Plus, you are looking for a vendor who will offer customized services to meet your firm’s demands. What does Credit Repair Entail? Credit fixing service providers aim to help people with bad credit improve their credit scores by spotting errors in your reports and disputing incorrect info with the […]

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Credit Repair Merchant Account | How To Apply

Is your business a part of the credit repair industry? Are you planning to start a credit repair company in the future? If so, the following information will tell you everything you need to know about the credit repair industry and credit repair merchants accounts. The Credit Repair Industry Profile The credit repair industry is almost entirely comprised of small businesses, with no single company accounting for more than 5.0% of credit repair industry revenue. In 2015, there was 35,701 people employed in the industry, and over 123,010 credit repair businesses. Despite the industry having shrunk by 5.2% over the […]

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Get a Merchant Account Solution for Your Credit Repair Business

Bad credit is common these days. So, you can find many credit repair companies offering their services in the marketplace. Are you interested in a credit repair merchant account for your business? Read below to get to know more about the industry. Also, learn how you can easily get a reliable and affordable merchant account for your credit repair company. Credit Repair Industry The aim of the credit repair industry is to better individuals credit scores. Credit repair companies find errors in credit reporting and dispute inaccurate information with the appropriate organizations. Many online credit repair merchants can efficiently operate […]

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High-Risk Merchant Account Solutions for Credit Repair Businesses

Everything is high-risk about a credit repair businesses, from its name to the nature of activity it gets involved with. So don’t get shocked if your credit repair merchant account gets terminated or your request to secure one gets rejected. Nevertheless, FAM is now here to assist credit repairing businesses survive and flourish by helping them open accounts and install credit and debit card payment processing solutions. And with our improving economy, you expect to see more Americans look for long-lasting remedies to their financial problems. What’s the Right Merchant Account for Your Risky Business? The features of the high-risk […]

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Hard Inquiries vs. Soft Inquiries— How long Hard Pulls Stay on your Credit?

Sometimes the pressure that comes with running a business may push you into rushing for new loans and seeking new credit cards pointlessly without realizing its effect on your credit score. Lenders may fail to approve you if you have made several credit inquiries depending on the loan you wish to apply for. Achieving good credit and clearing your debts calls for a proper understanding of hard pull vs. soft pull inquiries. It is important to realize that some credit or loan inquiries can negatively affect your score for a very long period, even up to two years. ​What’s a […]

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Expert Advice on How to Start a Credit Repair Business

Establishing a credit repair business is never an easy ride. This path should be trailed alongside a professional who’s been there before. Top credit repair experts are often willing to assist upcoming counterparts grow their credit repair businesses and expand their customer base. It’s no wonder a group of experienced credit repair professionals prepared a list of top tips to mentor entrepreneurs looking to venture into the industry: Repairing credit is not a part-time career If you think credit repair is a part-time job that you can squeeze a day or two every week in your busy schedule for then […]

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Hard Vs Soft Credit Inquiries. Do They Impact Your Credit?

Those who have applied for a small business loan, taken out a mortgage, or signed up for a business credit card, know what credit check or credit inquiry is. A credit inquiry helps lenders and financial entities determine whether you can be eligible for loans or whether they can approve you for home rental, credit card, and so on. Credit Inquiries and Credit Scores Credit inquiries stay on credit reports for a maximum of 24 months (2 years). They’ll only affect your FICO credit score for a maximum of 12 months. To get a better idea of how credit inquiries […]

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