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Medical Factoring Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Medical Accounts Receivable Financing

It’s critical for the medical industry to find a financial solution that will help its practices or medical institutions functioning smoothly for the need of timely working capital. Medical receivable financing, aka Medical Factoring, is a great remedy for healthcare businesses facing cash flow problems caused by growth, slow pays, and lagging reimbursements. Medical Factoring for Healthcare Businesses Medical Factoring is a cash advance loan on future insurance receivables. Medical accounts receivable factoring is called to advance funds to medical providers who bill third-party vendors. The funding company is responsible for collecting the receivable amount from the medical insurance companies […]

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Medical Factoring ─ Capital Based on Future Insurance Receivables

Medical factoring is called to help companies that bill private insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid, and face cash flow problems because of slow payments. Medical Factoring is also called Medical Receivable Financing and is used by healthcare providers and medical professionals of all specialties. Medical Factoring or Medical Receivable Financing Through Medical Factoring, the healthcare providers receive an asset-based credit line. The latter is based on the net realized value for their billings to third-party payors such as commercial insurance companies, HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organization), Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Medicare and Medicaid. Sometimes, it takes too long for companies in the […]

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