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E-commerce Experiences And Cryptocurrency Payments

Merchant’s suffered when Stripe recently decided to pull out their support for taking Bitcoin in e-commerce transactions. And now, Coinbase has come in to offer online retailers a means to accept cryptocurrencies. The famed payment service provider Stripe made public their plans to terminate Bitcoin support last month. And the crypto exchange expert Coinbase is now stepping up to fill the gap by providing a new option for web-based merchants. Coinbase Commerce is best known for converting fiat into Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash or Litecoin. The company is currently valued at a whopping $1.6 billion, up from last year’s $100 […]

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Golden e-Commerce Advice From Leading Start-Up Founders

The internet has opened up more opportunities than one could possibly fathom before the inception of this revolutionary means of running your business. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to make the most of the internet by offering your products or services online, perhaps what you need to start off is a word of advice from people who have been in your shoes and taken steps that led them to enviable success. Advice no. 1: Identifying the demand You can’t just take any business online and be sure of its success. An owner of a start-up that took his […]

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