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The Best Places to start a business in 2022

You feel it’s the right time to start a business, yet you find it hard to decide where to locate the business. As an entrepreneur, you will need a  place that inspires you and gives you space to grow over time. 

When you finally get your idea, identify your capital financing option, and formulate a dedicated business plan, opportunities and places to start the business are limitless.

We will look at three easy places to start any business.

  • At home

Starting a business at home is much easier today than in the past years. Globalization and technology have tremendously improved to an extent where an entrepreneur can remotely operate any business from home. 

Opportunities may vary from online jobs such as writing to virtual restaurants where you partner with companies offering delivery services like Ubereats. You can also have an office in your home and run service delivery jobs such as a print shop with an online store. 

Running a business from home is also beneficial in several ways. For instance, it’s cheap to start and run since you do not have to pay for a physical location. It also gives you flexible time to work, which is great for those with other commitments like parenting or another job.

  • Start a business on the Move

Probably you are a travel enthusiast who enjoys moving from place to place, and you are wondering if you can start a business and manage a business. In today’s world, it’s possible to run any business from your fingertips and make it successful. Be it you are considering E-commerce or a business that is not online. 

For eCommerce businesses, you can always take your products with you when traveling or dropshipping them from the source to the interested customer. Another avenue is blogging about your adventures or work as a digital marketer. As long as you invest in digital devices and access the internet, the opportunities are limitless.

As for those not interested in the online opportunities, you can consider traveling on a food truck and stopping to make sales of your delicacies.

  • Open a business next to complementing businesses

This strategy is about understanding your business environment and setting up a venture close to a business that directly offers you, clients —choosing a location closer to your target customers without competing with the business.

For instance, opening a coffee/ snack shop next to a school library will allow you to serve those using the library facility. 


From the comfort of your home or from a nearby road, you can start and manage a business anywhere. You got to have an idea, capital, and dedication to kick start any venture. 

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