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Business Ideas for Women Startups

In truth, women are a workforce that can boost productivity if tapped into. Figures by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that Indian females spend 352 minutes/day on house chores compared to men who only spare 52 minutes for the same. That is to say; we have untapped potential from a competent workforce with the power to impact the economy.

Women accomplish most of the household duties, but their efforts go unappreciated and unrewarded. Most of them cannot pursue jobs and opportunities outside because of several reasons. They either have inadequate assistance at home, must take care of the family, or have limited chances in the areas they live in.

But thanks to tech and the internet, women can now choose to self-employ themselves and work from the comfort of houses and gain financial independence. Discover five business ideas for females looking to launch a startup.


Ecommerce markets have given some females a chance to sell a variety of products they source or make from the comfort of their houses. They trade items like clothing, jewels, home décor, and many other more.

You also can start a business on the many online platforms. You can either choose an online marketplace (where you can list your goods for sale), launch your website, or source customers from social media platforms.

Become a host—Bed, and breakfast

It’s impressive the extent businesses are going with innovation since the shift to a customer-centric way of doing business. Airbnb, a web-based market and hospitality service is now powering women to host travelers from across the globe.

All women must do is sign up with the service and become a host. Airbnb not only assures your of your well-being and the well-being of your property, but it also allows you to choose who to host and lay down the rules.

MakeMyTrip also allows you to become a host and receive money for your services.

Freelance Writing or Blogging

Bloggers make a lot of money. Women can sharpen their skills from home and join this workforce of writers in a variety of niches and become influencers in different markets.

Besides blogging, freelance content or article writing is also another way to go if you can take time to hone your writing skills. In essence, there are a lot of writing services to depend on as long as you have everything it takes to write and deliver quality work.

Cooking or Baking from Home

Female entrepreneurs can choose to offer baking or catering services in the lucrative food sector. You can use your culinary skills to start preparing meals and grow the career it into a reliable source of revenue.

Many bakers started at home and then expanded into branded businesses. You can also start targeting your local customers by using social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp.

You can start with a few orders and expand into a stable business.

Final words

The internet harbors a lot of opportunities for females. But only those who get out of their roles as women and see themselves as entrepreneurs secure the chance to make profits and grow into business owners.