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Running a Successful Agent ISO Program

An Independent Sales Organization is also called a Member Service Provider. You can find a large number of credit card processing companies in the market offering different agent ISO programs. How to choose the best one? Consider partnering up with a reputable business loan provider like to enjoy the best commission and residual offerings from all the top providers in the US. Thanks to the partnership with the leading credit card processing brokerage in the country, First American Merchant, you’ll be able to offer more products and services to your customers and meet their needs best of all. FAM […]

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6 Tips for Small Business Marketing Management | Summer 2016

With high school and college graduations celebrations concluded, millions of Americans are turning their attention to outdoor activities. This year, Americans have celebrated the lowest gas prices in 10 years by traveling to their summer destinations by car. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Commerce, consumer spending – a major driver of the economy – has improved at a pace not seen in nearly seven years. To add to the improvements, personal income and household spending have also increased. These figures are great news and signs of positive changes for small businesses across the country. In order […]

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8 Unusual Ways You Can Make Some Quick Cash

Many of us have experienced month(s) where we’ve wondered where the cash is going to come from to pay for rent or put gas in the car. In the event that all available funds and traditional sources of credit have dried up, consider the following eight unusual ways to raise some extra cash: Babysitting – While there are many part-time jobs available, you might be surprised to hear that babysitting is a very lucrative option – and in high demand. Babysitting jobs earn upwards of $15 an hour nowadays. So the next time someone you know needs a babysitter on […]

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Why ISO Agents Choose FAM

The state of employment in America has changed. Now a life of freelance can give birth to a fruitful career in a variety of industries. One such industry is payment processing. New technologies have enabled individuals and small companies to find full time employment with organizations like First American Merchant (FAM). Our ISO agent program provides extensive training and support for newcomers seeking job security and the opportunity to make a great salary. FAM ISO Program The FAM program provides agents with the expertise and tools necessary to succeed as an ISO agent. FAM has a full knowledgebase that includes […]

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How to Become a Registered ISO

Do you want to become a registered ISO? A registered ISO is an independent company that can have sub-agents. To become a registered ISO, a person or business must find a sponsoring processor, or larger ISO to sell for. They must also register with MasterCard and Visa. This process can be expensive and time consuming, but allows the ISO to provide lower rates for credit card processing. They also have more control over prices, advantageous buy rates to resell credit card processing services, residual payment options, and the ability to create independent brands which can lead to tons of profit. […]

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Become a Merchant Cash Advance Agent With First American Merchant

If you are looking to help your clients find funding for various business related projects, it might be time to consider becoming a merchant cash advance broker. This is an easy option if you consider working with First American Merchant. You will be working with one of America’s top lending providers, giving your clients the potential business solutions they are looking for. The commission you receive for each referral, we will agree this, before you sign your broker agreement. Rest assured we offer a fantastic commission deal for all our brokers. If you are looking for business solutions for high-risk […]

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