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Become a Merchant Cash Advance Agent With First American Merchant

imgresIf you are looking to help your clients find funding for various business related projects, it might be time to consider becoming a merchant cash advance broker.

This is an easy option if you consider working with First American Merchant. You will be working with one of America’s top lending providers, giving your clients the potential business solutions they are looking for.

The commission you receive for each referral, we will agree this, before you sign your broker agreement. Rest assured we offer a fantastic commission deal for all our brokers.

If you are looking for business solutions for high-risk businesses or customers then you have to choose the right brokerage option. We offer fantastic deals to some of the higher risk business clients and this assures you of receiving commission for the brokerage deal.

Giving your clients the best options is important to you and to us at First American Merchant. It is imperative that we try to help you find the deal that is right for your customer. You have chosen us to help and it is important we take into consideration all information and make the right decision first time; occasionally there are times when a client doesn’t find the service we offer meets their needs, if this is the case we will do out up most to help sort the situation to a resolution.

It is key to a brokerage deal that you have faith in the products and services which we offer. It is the only way we can be reassured you will be happy to recommend our business and our service to your client, we are confident that we can help.

Whilst we are happy to deal direct with clients, taking on a broker position with First American Merchant means you will receive the care and attention of our staff and each client that you refer be reassured that you will receive the commission you are entitled too.

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