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Funding Bill by Congress Shields Banking Institutions Onboarding Marijuana Merchants

It won’t be long before federal officials penalizing banking institutions onboarding cannabis merchants will not be able to do so. This sigh of relief comes after the release of the annual spending bill by a team of Congress officials last month. The proposed bill would also lift off a longstanding rule that restricts Washington, D.C. from investing its own finances in legalization and control of recreational cannabis sales. Though more and more states are pacing the shift towards legalization, most banks are still unwilling to onboard licensed merchants in the sector out of fear of rubbing shoulders with the law. […]

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Advocates Committed to Making Cannabis Equity Program Work

It’s no secret that merchants in the cannabis industry and those hoping to jump in on opportunities struggle to do so. It is very challenging to enter an industry that is considered high-risk, with state law constantly at odds with federal law. Trying to find the funding necessary to even get off the ground is another huge hurdle. From the beginning, California has led the way in legalizing marijuana and efforts to make the industry acceptance more widespread. In September of 2018, California passed a statewide equity bill. Municipalities including Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles led the way, setting […]

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The Top 5 Highest-Paying Jobs in The Cannabis Industry

Without a doubt, the legal cannabis industry is booming. In fact, its incredible growth was recently compared to the staggering way broadband internet spread in the 2000s. For businesses in the industry, there has never been a more exciting time. This rapid growth has been accompanied by the need for workers. Many of these jobs pay very well and offer lots of opportunities. The following list includes some of the highest paying jobs you will find in the legal cannabis industry right now. 1. Store Manager Just like any other operation, retail stores in the legal cannabis industry need managers. […]

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Explore Business Loan Options for Marijuana Dispensaries

Due to conflicting federal and state marijuana laws, getting funding to operate a legal marijuana dispensary can be challenging. Many states have adopted laws legalizing recreational and medical marijuana, but some have not. Meanwhile, the federal government considers any type of use or possession a crime. This type of legal murkiness forces many dispensaries to operate cash only businesses because they cannot open bank accounts. This forces medical and recreational marijuana businesses to purchase 24/7 high-tech video security systems, as well as special doors and windows with lock, to ensure their safety. Buying all of these extra security measures is […]

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Get Cannabis Business Loans Fast!

Are you a startup or existing business looking for capital for your cannabis, marijuana, cultivation business? Where can you find reliable financing for a dispensary or for growing your operations, wholesale, retail, or edibles easily? No worries! Just read this article and you’ll discover a true payment expert that provides reliable and low cost cannabis business loans. Cannabis Industry Growing The debate around the legal weed in the 1960s started registered 12% of the American population supporting the use of legal marijuana. In 2016, recreational sales in Washington state and Colorado increased by 66%. In 2016, the states where legal […]

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More Banks Willing to Offer Marijuana Dispensary Funding

From the very beginning, cannabis merchants have been unable to secure payment processing from traditional sources. Unwilling to work with the risks associated with marijuana businesses, banks turn these merchants away. To secure marijuana dispensary funding, these businesses began turning to alternative providers like First American Merchant. According to recent federal data, the number of banks that are willing to work with marijuana businesses is steadily climbing, despite the Department of Justice revoking protections for state cannabis laws. Immediately following U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session’s decision (this January) to revoke Obama-era Justice Department guidance, which protected state marijuana laws, the […]

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Why Your Dispensary Should Use Marijuana Funding

It’s true. Legal-marijuana businesses have a very hard time raising the money they need to start and grow their business. Even though states are pushing hard to legalize cannabis, it remains very much illegal at the federal level. As a result, big banks won’t risk lending them capital or opening a merchant account. Where are Marijuana Dispensaries Finding Financial Help? With a growing number of marijuana companies, help is obviously coming from somewhere. Many entrepreneurs choose or are forced to self-fund from personal savings or business profits. Scott Jordan, director of business development for Colorado-based Dynamic Alternative Finance, says that […]

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Marijuana Dispensary Funding Deals

With legalization spreading in different states in the U.S, the demand for marijuana merchant accounts is way high. And while possession, growth, and sale of cannabis — for recreational and medicinal use — is somehow legal in half the nation, pot remains illegal by federal law. Medical Cannabis is thriving Public opinion on marijuana has been a sticking point at state and federal levels. As of the passing of the California legislation, medical cannabis dispensaries are surging. Plus, more and more states are advocating and implementing decriminalization. As we speak, the whole Medical Marijuana industry is flourishing beyond everyone’s expectations. […]

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What’s the Cost of Opening a Marijuana Dispensary?

A surprisingly large number of weed enthusiast’s dream of starting up a medical marijuana dispensary. But turning any business plans into reality calls for a thorough understanding of the costs involved in the process of application and establishment.  Here are the procedures potheads who are looking to own a cannabis dispensary in the United States should follow. What is the Startup Fee? For a cannabis dispensary, there’s a rigorous application process intended to distinguish serious applicants from part-timers in the business.  For that reason, you must meet a number of qualifications before you begin enjoying the fun part of the […]

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Medical Marijuana Funding Options for the Entrepreneur

A report by researchers at The ArcView Group revealed that legal cannabis is currently the fastest growing industry in the U.S. In addition, according to Medical Marijuana Inc., more than 1.2 million people use medical marijuana for a variety of medical problems. Despite the rapid expansion of this market, entrepreneurs are faced with no easy task when it comes to securing the services they need to operate efficiently. A merchant account enables businesses to accept and process credit and debit card transactions. From the very beginning, this has been a huge obstacle for medical marijuana businesses. Many had to resort […]

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