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When All You Need Is An Offshore Merchant Account

Do you need an offshore merchant account? Do you think working offshore can be tricky? How to open this type of merchant account without challenges and with the best possible terms? Just read this article and you’ll get answers to your questions.

What Is an Offshore Merchant Account?

An offshore merchant account is also called an international merchant account or “off shore” merchant account. This is an option for payment processing. It’s available to merchants with high risk businesses, a history of chargebacks or fraud, or bad credit.

Thanks to offshore credit card processing, merchants who can’t be approved for traditional processing can take advantage of less strict standards overseas.

So, high risk merchants sometimes consider an offshore merchant account an ideal option. Since offshore acquiring banks are more liberal with this type of businesses, high risk business owners are likely to get quicker approval for offshore merchant accounts.

Beyond that, offshore or international merchant accounts are also great for mainstream eCommerce merchants aiming to attract businesses cross-border. The thing is that domestic acquiring banks often shy away from international credit card transactions that’re fraudulent. This can’t be said about international banks.

Only, it’s too important to find a reputable merchant services provider to world with., a respectable alternative online lender and payment processor, boasts an A rating with the BBB and specializes in the high risk industry. First American Merchant (FAM) can get you an offshore merchant account fast and easily.

Offshore Merchant Processing From FAM

Why go with Fist American Merchant? FAM is a payment expert that offers premium offshore merchant services for high risk businesses. With FAM, you can enjoy offshore merchant accounts that charge little to no taxes. You won’t have any limit on how many transactions your business can receive. Besides, you’ll enjoy 24/7 access to funds and support.

First American Merchant has years of experience and has helped thousands of small- and medium-sized hard-to-approve businesses to get the best for their business needs. FAM offers a wide selection of Check Processing solutions, Payment Gateways, POS Solutions, and Business Funding. FAM provides merchants with a full support platform, and a full suite of payment processing options, including tangible and virtual terminals.

With First American Merchant, you can enjoy:

  • Quick and easy signing up
  • Minimum of paperwork to apply for a merchant account
  • Application takes just a few minutes
  • Chargeback protection and chargeback prevention programs
  • Fast approvals within 24 – 48 hours
  • High volume solutions: load balancing gateways and multiple MIDS
  • iCheck Check Processing service for quick payments
  • No setup fees for most merchants
  • High risk merchant approval with ease

FAM offers the following check processing services:

  • eCheck for quick payments. Funds can be available as early as the next day.
  • Checks by phone to accept and process checks from your customers over the phone securely and without difficulty.
  • Paper Guarantee to remove the apprehensions associated with accepting checks, by removing the risks.
  • Checks-by-Web to allow consumers to purchase goods online safely and free of risk, without a debit/credit card.

You’ll often find offshore merchant accounts to be subject to higher fees for mediocre service. However, with a reliable and secure merchant account provider, you can be sure to enjoy the lowest possible rates and hassle-free payment processing. As a result, you’ll be able to protect your transactions and increase your profits.