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By First American Merchant

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What Differences Line of Credit & Credit Cards Have

Do a line of credit (LOC) and a credit card seem like apples and oranges to you? No need to worry. This article draws a parallel between these two options, as well as tells you about an exceptional business funding provider so you can make the right choice.  Line of Credit vs. Credit Card: Differences These 2 financing options mainly differ in the following: with an LOC, you get funds against a revolving credit line instead of a lump sum associated with a loan. As for a credit card, in this case, you purchase products/services and then pay off the […]

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Help Your Business Flourish with a Line of Credit

Having a healthy cash flow is imperative to successful business operations, but sometimes there are normal fluctuations that limit the consistency of that cash flow. Businesses that deal in particular industries, such as consulting, realty and contract work can experience the ups and downs of seasonal work or be stuck for revenue while waiting for clients to settle their bills with you.  Consistent cash flow can also be an issue for start-up companies that are still establishing a clientele and diversifying their services to stabilize revenue. Even if the company has a million-dollar idea and is making money on paper, […]

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Securing a Line of Credit

If you’re a small business, a line of credit can be the right option for you as you can use it to fund a variety of business needs. A small business line of credit can help you build a credit history for future financing and have a great deal of flexibility, which can’t be said about other financing options. Moreover, thanks to this type of financing, you can access your credit whenever needed, pay down the balance as your cash flow permits, and use it again and again. It’s important to note that traditional lenders may refuse to extend loans […]

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