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So the EMV Cards Aren’t Hacker-Proof After All

The EMV cards were supposed to be the answer to all of our hacking woes. But, researchers are finding some serious flaws in this technology. While it isn’t new technology, it is new to the ‘States, making us worry about our new debit and credit cards. Are they really safer? What do we, as merchants, need to do? According to new research, hackers could re-write the coding on the cards to virtually turn it into an old-timey signature card – you know, the cards that we just cut up because they were dangerous to use. The good news (if there […]

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All Indicators Point Toward Chip & PIN Cards as Being the Best Protection to Consumers’ Data

There is no clear count or record for the number of cases of fraud or the amount of loss that has been realized even in the past year alone. One thing is for certain though, there has been high level of fraud incidences in the US. The advancements made in terms of technology have not just brought good alone, they have helped the fraudsters develop even better approaches to their criminal acts. Many victims of scam activities have either lost huge sums of money, remained with a long list of bad credit or been held to account for felonies they […]

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