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ACH “Bank Only” Program

The 1st American Bank Only Program

Our popular ACH funding program, also called “Bank Only” funding allows us to fund merchants even if they don’t have a merchant account.

A business cash advance is an alternative to a traditional bank loan. Business loans can be difficult to obtain, strict credit requirements and the lengthy application process prevent most business owners from getting additional working capital. Business owners need working capital in order to grow, we provide you access to funds at a relatively reasonable cost.

Our bank only ACH funding program means that you can get funded without a merchant account. Most merchant cash advance and business funding companies require that you accept credit cards in order to get funded. At 1st American Merchant Funding we can base our approval on your gross deposits into your business checking account.

We’ll monitor your bank deposits and make a daily ACH withdrawal based on your gross sales. We get paid when you get paid! Alternatively, we may set up a fixed daily ACH amount based on historical sales history for your business.

Do I Qualify?

  • 500 FICO Score
  • 6 months in business
  • 10k in gross monthly deposits
  • Less than 3 NSF’s per month

How Does it Work?

Getting a bank only merchant cash advance or an “ACH Only” advance is relatively easy. We will evaluate your gross monthly deposits into your business checking account over the last 3-6 months. The amount available to you is based on the number of deposits and the average monthly revenue of your business.

With our ACH funding program there are no tax returns, or financials required to receive funding. We just need 3-6 months of business bank statements, a copy of your drivers license, a copy of a voided check and a copy of your lease with landlord contact information. You can receive your funds in as little as 5 days.

Payback is simple. We will collect a set amount from your business bank account every day.

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