merchant cash advance

Funding for small businesses can be a daunting duty on a daily basis. Getting your business up and running with little capital can stall a startup and delay income indefinitely.  An ach merchant advance funding program can be the answer you are looking for. The inception of the program began by using the capital coming from credit card sales. As time has progressed, the program has grown and now can be worked out with a monthly fee from the small business’ checking account.

In the beginning

A business with at least nine months of credit card sales could approach for a merchant cash advance. In return, they let the credit card sales firm invade their credit sales for the day and remove their percentage. Although a good process for the credit card processor to get their return on investment, it didn’t always set well with all merchants. So, in order to keep their sales private, they used a third party account for the processor to claim their money from. This way the company and the customers could retain their client’s privacy and the company could keep the payments going. Albeit, it does delay the business’ getting their money for three days as the process is ongoing.

As time progressed

The programs have gotten better and the companies offering the ACH advance merchant funding have grown. Now, you don’t have to leave the credit card company that you like, to get an advance. You can shop in all venues to find what you need and see if it fits into your business plan or your structure that you have set up. You can still do the ach merchant cash advance loan or you can obtain a merchant cash advance and make payments like a traditional loan. These however, are much easier to get than the traditional loan. These do not rely solely on the processing of the credit cards.  You make the set amount on set days and return the money as agreed upon.

Each vendor will be different

Each of the processors will be different, and like anything, do your research and find the one that best fits your business. Make sure you feel comfortable with the terms and don’t be shy about talking to someone that can read legal ease. It just may save you in the long run.


Raising funds to work a business is not for the weak at heart. Being a determined individual will get you to the top of the heap. Take everything at face value and get your information to make an informed decision. The ACH Merchant Advance funding program really is a good form of acquiring cash to help you increase your sales in whatever form you need it. Find the path that best suits you and your business.  With those in place, you can grow your business and assist your customers in the best possible way and if the ach merchant funding program can help you, then by all means, take advantage.


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