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How to Accept Credit Card Payments for Your Small Business

Nowadays, card payments have become so much widespread that it’s uncommon to see businesses accepting only cash. Card payments allow businesses to provide multiple payment options for their customers, which results in increased sales and boosts customer satisfaction. How can you, as a small business, accept card payments? Accepting Card Payments Did you know that about 80% of U.S. consumers keep at least one credit card in their wallet? Credit cards were used to complete over 1/4 of all payments completed in 2020.  Credit card payments enable businesses to increase sales and enjoy quicker and easier payment transactions, as compared […]

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The Length of Your Business Loan

Long-term business loans are the preferred option for many. They enable the borrower to make the loan repayment over a longer period, but this results in higher amounts lost on interests. For how long can you get a small business? Repayment Terms for Small Business Loans  What’s the most usual answer to “how long can you get a business loan for”? Well, the majority of long-term business loans require borrowers to make payments during one – five years. With SBA, loan terms can be up to 25 years. Overall, there is more than one nuance associated with loan terms. Overall, […]

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How Do Business Loans Really Work: The Fundamentals

How Do Business Loans Really Work: The Fundamentals Business loans are well known for feeling overwhelming. They can be confusing. They often lack clarity. And most of all, they can feel impossible to secure. In reality, business loans are similar to personal loans.  The process is much the same. You first apply to the borrower, generally a bank. You request a set amount, go over the details, and wait to find out whether the firm will lend you the money. If they agree, you will then have some requirements or interest rates involved. This is where the confusion comes in. […]

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3 Ways Small Businesses Unintentionally Fall into Debt

Running a successful business involves an interesting combination of risk, sacrifice and discipline. From time to time, it requires investment to see improvements. At other points, it means giving up something in the pursuit of something bigger. Above all, it demands discipline to achieve your ultimate goals.  Of course, one of the biggest risks for a business – whether a startup or an established company, is debt. Choosing to take on debt to secure much needed capital can be a smart decision, as long as you have a plan and capability to pay it back in a timely manner. However, […]

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The Best Merchant Cash Advance Loan

To get access to working capital, you should find a reliable and trustworthy business loan provider to turn to. If you’re interested in merchant cash advance companies, consider applying to First American Merchant is a reputable and award-winning business loan provider and high risk processor that can help you take your business to new heights. First American Merchant offers: Merchant Cash Advance ACH Program High Risk Business Funding Consumer Financing With FAM, you can enjoy the following benefits of merchant funding: Fast Funding – You can have funds in your bank in as little as 72 hours. No Hassle […]

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How to Acquire a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance permits a merchant who accepts payments through credit cards or has extra receivables or payment streams to acquire an advance of the finances that flow through their merchant’s account. Most people mistake MCAs for loans, however, a Merchant Cash Advance is usually based upon a company’s future credit card sales or revenue. Any small business can easily apply for a cash advance to enjoy quick advance deposits into their account. Most Advance Cash providers have different criteria for risk evaluation and assessing credit that differs from what traditional banks offer. At First American Merchant we look […]

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Attention Grabbing Headlines to Drive Traffic to Your Website

The holidays is the perfect time to drive traffic to your website. Not only can you capitalize off of topics like Christmas gifts and Christmas sales, you can also use end of the year concerns and topics to finish strong at the close of the year. If your business needs help generating more traffic, here are a few topics that can get the ball rolling. The following are a few headlines you can use, or that may inspire you to finish strong in 2015. How Local Business is Making Good on the Holiday Shopping Season: This headline will attract small […]

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Debt Collection Scam Alert is Issued by Illinois Attorney General

Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General, issued a warning to Illinois residents concerning a debt collection scam. This scam, which also names her office, come via email and threatens the receiver. First off, collections agencies do not send emails. Secondly, these scams are dangerous for all involved. This is dangerous for consumers who fall for the scam, as well as for innocent collection agency merchants, who may suffer from the fallout. Collection agency merchant accounts are already hard to come by, as they are considered “high risk” by merchant account processors. This means that these companies are at a higher risk […]

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Finding Working Capital Fast for Small Businesses

Small businesses are by manifest micro-managed organizations that strive to do the most with the least, especially when it comes to cash reserves. Operating with little to no working capital feels like a harsh reality for a small business owner. Yet the actual reality is that not having access to working capital 24 hours a day can cripple the development of your business. The most intricate and detailed business plan and budget will fall victim to unexpected eventualities that will require capital to rectify. Finding a source for working capital can be difficult for small businesses. Banks are stringent and […]

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How to protect yourself from a chargeback as a merchant: Learn your merchant rights

One of the worst nightmares of the present financial system for online merchants is a chargeback, especially if you rely on credit card payments as your main source of online funds transaction. If you are planning to start an online business and want to process customer credit cards for transactions, learning about how chargeback’s work and how to handle them is a must. What is Chargeback? Credit card issuing institutions develop the chargeback system to protect the rights and finances of their customers but the ease of using this option to get your money back makes it a grave threat […]

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