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How to Avoid Brand and Customer Loyalty Fraud

Seventy-two percent of loyalty program executives have suffered fraud-related problems, according to a study by a Loyalty Security Association.  In particular, cases of deceitfully redeemed flyer miles are a primary concern. The same research revealed that 1 percent of redeemed air miles are phony. That figure accounts for a $3.1 billion loss worldwide.  Even more worrying, expenses incurred by the top five airline-loyalty programs jumped 12 percent to $27.5 billion in 2020. Types of Loyalty Fraud There are two types of loyalty fraud: 1. Internal Fraud.  This happens when staff(s) who are part of the loyalty program’s control crew plan […]

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How Cash Discount Programs Can Boost Businesses Sales

Last year COVID-19 slowed down businesses forcing entrepreneurs to find new strategies in a bid to stay afloat. For instance, they introduced Cash Discount Programs to attract clients and boost sales without chasing away customers.  Discounting your goods/services may sound like a wrong approach, but it makes sense if you have a well-thought-out strategy? Cash Discount Program: How Does it Work? A cash discount program is a short-term payment plan that merchants organize to lure customers to their products. Merchants who participate in cash discount programs give discounts to customers who pay with cash. These cash discount programs can be […]

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Legalizing Online Sports Betting Could Distress Payment Firms

In May 2018, the Supreme Court declared the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) unconstitutional in a 6-3 decision. What this means is that it will be left up to the states to decide whether or not to allow its residents to bet on sports. They will also be able to establish their own “regulated” sports betting. PASPA was signed into law by then-President George H.W. Bush in 1992 but went into effect in January 1993. It essentially banned states from both regulating and taxing sports betting. The act seemed ineffective, even dated as the rise and rapid growth […]

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How Internet Sales Tax Will Affect eCommerce

The Decision by the US Supreme Court The Supreme Court’s rule allows states to require the collection of sales taxes for online purchases. This refers to any area in the US that the seller might be located. This new decision stems from a lawsuit filed by the State of South Dakota in 2016 against online retailers Wayfair,, and Newegg. Daniel Castro, who’s the Vice President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, says that the ruling aims to ensure consumers will pay sales taxes through large corporations like Amazon or Etsy. Beyond that, it’s made to stop unfair competition […]

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How Small Businesses Owners Can Restore their Companies after a Hurricane

Much respect to all merchants who commit themselves to establishing great companies only to have them destroyed by natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  While one may argue that business owners should prepare earlier for such phenomena, most startups lack the capital to invest on disaster recovery and continuity strategies. To provide such victims with a stepping stone to revival, here’s a useful list of benefits available together with links to get your on the provider’s websites and make the most out of them as fast as possible. Low Interest Loans:  SBA and USDA both provide loans with […]

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Lease or Buy Commercial Space?

If your business has been doing well but your present lease is almost expiring, then you might consider purchasing a commercial space instead of leasing. And with the low mortgage rates many merchants are now looking to have their own business premises hence creating ownership equity. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when making the decision to lease or buy. Location Just as is with your home, location is an important factor to consider. If you are relying on a customer base located in a given area in town, you’ll need to continue running your operations near your […]

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Small Business Funding Methods To Consider

Alternative lending options provide business owners with a myriad of funding options. However, small businesses may sometimes find it challenging to get approved for a business loan because of risks associated with their newborn company. If you’re concerned with getting financing for your startup, consider the options mentioned below Microloans This option provides solid loan terms, and you may be able to get funding more easily. These loans can help you grow your business and build better credit without major difficulty.   Alternative Lending (Cash Advance) In recent years, cash advances have become popular among small business owners looking for business […]

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La Escasez de Transporte en América Está Creando Nuevas Oportunidades de Carrera

La industria del transporte está luchando para satisfacer la demanda de una mejora en la economía , y un aumento explosivo de las ventas en línea . Las asociaciones de transporte por carretera de América acaban de publicar su , U.S. Transporte de carga de las previsiones para 2027 . Según sus previsiones , que , entre 2016 y 2027 , la cantidad de camiones de carga ayudará el envío incrementando  casi un 27% . El Presidente de ATA y CEO Chris Spear informa que , “ A  medida que nuestra economía sigue creciendo , camiones continuarán moviendo la gran […]

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Business Funding Options For Merchants With Bad Credit Or No Credit

Do you need business funding for your company with bad credit? Be aware if you have a high score, a wide variety of funding sources will be open to you to enjoy. In case, you have a bad credit or no history, you will have hard times to get approved for a business loan.   Ideas for Entrepreneurs with Low Scores Poor credit is something you cannot run away from. The important thing is to be able to find the necessary funds for your business and use them wisely enough so to get your score back on track. Below you […]

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Business Loans for the Struggling Merchant

Most merchants will need a business loan, be it for bills or added stock. While a loan is not a problem with those having a good credit rating, those with a poor credit rating can have an issue. Most banks will not loan funds to an untested – or poorly tested – business, and those who will typically offer the loan with a large interest rate. For today’s merchants, bank loans are not the way to go, even for a merchant with a good credit rating. Bank loans have so much baggage attached to them that it seems like you […]

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