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By First American Merchant

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A Brighter Future for Mobile Contactless Payments as PCI Rolls Out New Standard

The PCI security Standards Council has rolled out a new regulation that could increase contactless adoption rates and transactions. This newly crafted standard is special because it will enable customers to pay through a retailer’s off-the-shelf smartphone or mobile device. Contactless payments enable customers to buy items or services with their debit, credit or smartcard (a.k.a. chip card) through RFID tech — or, smartphones and mobile gadgets like tablets using or near-field communication (NFC). All contactless-ready banking applications used in smartphones and mobile devices rely on near-field communication. PCI’s new regulation is titled Contactless Payments on COTS (commercial off-the-shelf devices), […]

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Is Your Small Business Mobile-Friendly? Adopting a Mobile-Centric Strategy

To keep up with shifting trends and larger organizations, small businesses are constantly searching for ways to boost their business’ growth and outreach. From seeking solutions for bad credit (bad credit merchant cash advance) to alternative business funding solutions, small businesses work hard to keep pace. One of the biggest trends small business owners are paying attention to and implementing is a mobile-centric strategy. In the business world, mobile devices continue to take center stage in daily e-commerce transactions. Even so, many small businesses – 40 percent – have yet to sync their marketing efforts with a mobile-friendly strategy, according […]

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How Mobile Payments Can Boost your Business

What do you think of when you here the phrase “mobile payments”? Do you think of Apple Pay and its problems? Or perhaps you think of Square? PayPal’s app, maybe? Regardless of what you think of, there is always a downside to mobile payments. Sure, there are downsides, but there are downsides to every form of payment acceptance. Checks, plastic payment cards, and cash all have their individual issues, but should you not accept those? Heck no! With the right type of mobile payment system and support from your merchant account provider, you can accept payments and have a lessened […]

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Mobile Payments Processing Options – iZettle Vs Square

iZettle’s, a Swedish mobile payments startup, could be Europe’s answer to US mobile payments company Square. iZettle’s Growth Strategy iZettle was founded in 2010. Today, it is one of the fastest-developing tech startups in Europe. The company is among a group of growing financial technology or fintech businesses taking on traditional banks. iZettle offers small business owners and individuals to take payments via mini credit card readers: the readers are developed to turn smartphones or tablets into cash registers. The growth strategy applied by iZettle helps the company grow with rapid advances. In 2015, iZettle had an 81% increase in […]

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Mobile Payment Apps Now Drive Businesses- This is How

Time wasted in the course of conducting a business is never easy to recover. In fact the most accurate term to use is ‘making up’ for the time wasted. Still even if you are trying hard to make up for business time, the reality remains that you could as well have had the same performance and realized the same productivity had you not wasted some time. That would translate to more productivity. The era of the invoice is fast being replaced with the mobile payment platforms. The smartphones are replacing the wallets, or, should I call them the mobile wallets? […]

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