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Is Your Small Business Mobile-Friendly? Adopting a Mobile-Centric Strategy

To keep up with shifting trends and larger organizations, small businesses are constantly searching for ways to boost their business’ growth and outreach. From seeking solutions for bad credit (bad credit merchant cash advance) to alternative business funding solutions, small businesses work hard to keep pace. One of the biggest trends small business owners are paying attention to and implementing is a mobile-centric strategy.

In the business world, mobile devices continue to take center stage in daily e-commerce transactions. Even so, many small businesses – 40 percent – have yet to sync their marketing efforts with a mobile-friendly strategy, according to a study by Yodle and Research Now. If your small business still needs to adopt and implement this strategy, consider the following tips:

Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Your website design will need to be optimized to make it more mobile-friendly. First, hover menus will need to be left out of the mobile design, since they require a cursor and a mouse to work properly. Second, make sure there is adequate whitespace between each element so the layout is touch-friendly. Lastly, make sure your website design is easy to read and to scroll.

Develop an App

Websites are great for revealing your brand to customers who were previously unaware of your brand. While perfect for attracting new individuals to your company, you will quickly need an easy and accessible way for them to connect with your business. In truth, mobile users spend more time on apps than they do on browsers. To ensure your app is a success, make sure it is user-friendly, non-recourse-intensive and has a good notification alert.

Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Just as important as your website design, make sure you don’t overlook your content. Standard textual content is not mobile-friendly because of the smaller screen sizes, which make the task of reading on a phone difficult. Instead, you can utilize videos, infographics and audio tracks, all of which are very mobile-friendly. If you want customers to read and enjoy your content, make sure it is as convenient as possible.

Keep Millennials and Generation Z in Mind

As you create your mobile-centric strategy, don’t forget to consider Millennials and the members of Generation Z. More than previous generations, Millennials and teens heavily lean towards mobile purchases. Spend a little time researching the differences between the two, and make sure you keep these generations that have grown up with technology in mind.