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What is the Best ACH Check Processing for High Risk?

High Risk Check Processing for Merchants

High risk business types should consider using an ACH service to process payments from customers. Accepting checks online for your business is a great way to eliminate the risk of charge backs and customer disputes.

You can accept checks over the phone and on your website, ACH payments withdraw the funds directly from your customers bank account within 24-48 hours. For an additional fee you can guarantee the online check payments at the time you accept them, ensuring against insufficient funds.

High risk business owners can process high volume check transactions, and high monthly volumes with an ACH check processing account.

How do you find the best check processing rate?

There are hundreds of check processing companies offering there services, and weeding through the different offers, marketing ploys and sales people can be daunting. When selecting a service such as credit card processing, or check processing, it’s beneficial to use a broker. We have helped hundreds of online and retail business owners select the check processing company that best fits their needs.

How much does it cost to accept checks online?

There are a variety of check processing accounts, each with different features and limitations. The fee components of online check processing are outlined below:

  • Monthly Statement Fee:
    Ranges from $5-$10
  • Discount Rate:
    Ranges from 1%-5% depending on business type and account type
  • Transaction Fee:
    Ranges from .10 – $1.00 depending on business type and account type

Can I set up recurring billing?

Yes, and for FREE! Recurring billing allows you to automatically withdraw funds from your customers account. This is designed for monthly subscriptions or payment plans. Recurring ACH check processing is a great solution for financial service companies, property management companies and other service related businesses.

Check 21 Processing

Accepting checks online or over the phone for memberships or for services has never been easier. At First American Merchant we help online merchants with payment processing services. We have dozens of providers in our network and we specialize in high risk check processing.

If your business has been declined by other check processing companies, or if you can’t get a merchant account because your business is considered high risk, then you need to consider using check processing services.

With Check 21 processing the online system will actually generate a check which is then submitted to the bank for approval. Check 21 processing is not bound by the normal restrictions and regulations of ACH and check conversion services.

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