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Where To Look For Small Business Funding

Some business owners use their own resources to finance their startups. Others need additional capital from an outside source. Modern lending landscape is constantly developing, and there are more financing options available to small-business owners nowadays than ever before. Today, non-bank online lenders offer more choices to business owners. It is important to evaluate the pricing, terms and rates offered by each lender and make the right decision. Below you can find the top things to take into account when evaluating lenders: Comprehensive Small Business Offerings Research and assess all the available options. Look for resources that will help you […]

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4 Tips to Open a Hair Salon Regardless of Credit and History

Is your dream to open a hair salon? The Professional Beauty Association reports that today is a great time to start a salon. In 2015, over 900,000 salons opened across the country. Still a number of these salons closed after only a year in business. This means that it is easier to start a hair salon, but it requires a great deal of effort to keep salon doors open. The following are a few tips to set your salon up for success. Make a business plan Entrepreneurs should come to the table with a solid business plan. Plans should extend […]

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