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Keep Your Trucking Business Thriving with a Merchant Cash Advance

The trucking industry is strongly contributing to the U.S. economy. It supplies goods and jobs to local businesses and communities. So, it’s too important to keep the industry thriving. This article will tell you more about the topic and will help you get a merchant cash advance from a reliable provider. Grow Your Trucking Business: Get a Merchant Cash Advance The trucking industry generates hundreds of billions of dollars in freight revenue, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA). It accounts for over 5% of all the full-time jobs in the U.S. In recent years, the industry has witnessed an […]

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MCA for Wheat Farmers Faced With Low Market Values & Tariffs

Wheat farmers in the U.S. are now faced with low market values and tariffs. Are you interested in where you can get a business cash advance for your business? This article is about wheat farmers’ current challenges and reliable business funding options. U.S. Wheat Farmers: Get a Business Cash Advance This year, the U.S. farm economy is coping with some challenges like never before in recent years. These challenges are caused by trade problems, climate change, depressed commodity prices, as well as decreased immigrant labor. Net farm income has dropped to 50% since 2013, thus making up $70 billion from […]

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Real-Time Payments for Merchants: High Risk ACH Processing

Speed is everything these days, and payments can’t stay ignorant towards this growing trend. Currently, the desire for faster or real-time transactions is a hot-button topic in the payments space. In the U.S., the demand for faster payments is strong. Let’s dive more into the topic, as well as discover exceptional high-risk ACH processing for your business. High-Risk ACH Processing & Real-Time Payments Real-time payments are also called faster payments. The U.S. Faster Payments Council describes them as payments that allow you to transmit and get funds in real-time or in near-real-time. In 2018, same-day Automated Clearing House (ACH) got […]

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Brands Prioritizing Digital Trust & Safety for Growth

Digital Trust and Safety reflect what your business’ mindset is, what processes take place in your company, what organizational structure you have, and the technology you rely on. These 2 notions empower companies to keep their revenue balanced and make rational risk decisions. If you’re interested in this and need to find exceptional alternative online loans, you’re at the right place. Alternative Business Loans and Digital Trust & Safety Did you know that the majority of consumers are worried about becoming victimized by payment fraud? This is according to Sift’s recent survey results focused on revealing fraud trends across eCommerce. […]

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New Lawsuit Against Marijuana Giant Concerning Payment Processing Fraud

A multi-state cannabis brands platform operating in Toronto has recently started a lawsuit against San Francisco-based Eaze. The latter has allegedly been engaged in fraud for credit/debit card payment processing. Are you a marijuana merchant interested in reliable and affordable ACH eCheck services? Do you want to know more about this topic? If yes, this article is for you. Just keep on reading below. Secure ACH eCheck Services Eaze is an online platform that legally organizes cannabis delivery. Now, the platform is faced with a legal conflict initiated by Canadian DionyMed. The platform is being accused of processing credit card […]

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Prepare Your Business for Summer: Get Merchant Cash Advance

Summer is so much about sun and fun. Summer is also a great time to spend productively for your business. This article will tell you about a number of productive ways you can use for your business. Also, it’ll help you with the right merchant cash advance in case you need business funding. Preparing for Summer & Getting a Merchant Cash Advance Although summer can turn into the downfall for your business, it can also be just the opposite if you’re well prepared to meet this wonderful time of the year. This slow and lean period can help you prepare […]

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FTC Against Fake Credit Repair Scheme Operators

You can’t stand the temptation of a quick fix of your credit, can you? Have you thought that this can be a scam? In fact, those who promise to instantly add 100 or more points to your credit score so you can be eligible for a rewards-packed credit card and require an upfront fee, are scammers. If you’re interested in protecting you and your business and find the right credit repair merchant account, just read this article. The Secure Credit Repair Merchant Account You Need The Federal Credit Repair Organizations (FTC) has recently stopped the operation of a company that […]

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7 Business Funding Requirements You Can’t Ignore

Have you decided to expand your business? Do you need to pay for new employees? Maybe you need new office space, don’t you? What about new materials, inventory, or marketing, and more? With the right business funding, you can realize all this, and not only. Just keep on reading below to discover the main business loan requirements you need to know. Business Funding Requirements to Know When applying for a business loan, you’ll almost always be required to show self-reported credentials. These include your personal credit, annual revenue, and how long you’ve been doing business. Moreover, almost always you’ll be […]

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Cost of Fraud for eCommerce Merchants Highest Ever

LexisNexis Risk Solutions carried out a study concerning U.S. merchants in 2019. Based on the study called The True Cost of Fraud, every $1 of fraud loss cost companies $3.13. The study also showed that there was a huge increase in fraud trials and successful attacks. If this is what you’re interested in and if you need alternative small business loans, this article is right for you. Alternative Small Business Loans & Cost of Fraud First of all, let’s see when true fraud occurs. Well, it happens when hackers make use of stolen payment data to make purchases for personal […]

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ACH Business Loans, ACH Business Payments & Open Banking

Old technology and payment processing systems often make modern small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) launched by modern entrepreneurs get stuck. Thus, businesses lose their operational flexibility and stop to further develop. How can ACH business payments help? Where can you get affordable and secure ACH business loans? Just go on reading below to know. ACH Business Loans & U.S. Open Banking The term “Open Banking” is used by the U.K. to denote the implementation of PSD2 (the European Union’s 2nd Payment Services Directive). The latter isn’t limited within the E.U.’s regulation. PSD2 gives authorization to banks to allow 3rd parties […]

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