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Get a Merchant Account and Grow Your Business, Even with Bad Credit

According to recent data released by Experian nearly 1 in 3 consumers – or 30% of those included in the analysis – have a subprime score, but this population has shrunk by 12% since 2020. These individuals have an average of $4,592 in credit card debt, $19,106 in auto-debit, and 2.6 credit card accounts. And those with low scores between 300 and 600 are most likely to be denied access to lending. This struggle is often felt by those who are young, new, and on their own. However, due to the ups and downs felt across the globe over the […]

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What You Need to Know About Instant Approval Merchant Accounts

Cash flow and payment processing. Without a doubt, the biggest issues on every business owner’s mind at any point in their journey are cash flow and payment processing. Without payment processing, merchants are unable to process cashless payments, which quickly affects their bottom line and the overall customer experience. Of course, changes and processes take time – time many merchants simply don’t have. When they find themselves in this spot, many business owners consider an instant merchant account. While there really is no such thing as “instant approval”, there are definitely providers that are faster than others. With their services, […]

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How High Risk Merchants Can Get an Automotive Merchant Account Fast

The automotive industry includes a variety of business types, from car dealerships and auto repair shops to towing services and parts retailers. As successful as these merchants are they still have certain aspects of their operations that they struggle with. One of the most challenging is securing a merchant account. What is a Merchant Account? A merchant account is a business bank account that allows businesses to safely accept funds in a variety of ways, including credit and debit cards. Without one, your business will be unable to accept these forms of payment, missing out on sales, growth, and customer […]

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Small Business Tips for Securing Alternative Business Loans

Long wait times, complicated contracts and services, and support that misses the mark; this is what many small business owners deal with when trying to secure financing. Banks can keep you waiting weeks or months to tell you that you’ve been denied funds in the end. The very next question is, where do I go from here? If you’re looking for funding, you’ll be glad to hear there are other ways to secure the funding you need. In fact, these alternatives often turn out to be better for many business owners. The following information should shed some light on why […]

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The Struggle for Women and Business Funding

Things have come a long way for aspiring women entrepreneurs in terms of business funding and financial freedom. Even so, there is still a significant gender gap that causes challenges for women hoping to launch their business ventures and fuel growth.  In fact, until 1988, women entrepreneurs were required to have a male co-signer to take out a business loan. Fast forward to today, 49 percent of all businesses in the U.S. are owned by women – yet women business owners account for just 27 percent of business loan applications as of 2020.  Women-owned businesses are also known to receive […]

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How to Use Alternative Lending for Your Business Goals

If you’ve recently started diving into the world of alternative lending, you likely have a lot of questions. What is an alternative lender, and why do so many entrepreneurs turn to them?  Alternative lenders provide great business funding options for those who struggle to secure financing elsewhere or find themselves in a unique situation. With so many alternative lenders offering better products and greater flexibility, it’s no surprise more and more business owners are choosing these lenders. All in all, they have completely transformed the way business owners access financing and the expectations surrounding the whole process. Here are some […]

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3 Tips to Boost Your ISO Merchant Cash Advance Sales

Within the business lending space, ISOs and agents work as an intermediary between business owners and the funding companies that provide capital directly to them. ISOs offer several different financing options, from short-term loans and merchant cash advances to lines of credit. ISOs have played a vital role in the growth of the small business lending industry, serving as the eyes and ears of funding companies. Our team has put together a guide intended to help ISOs secure the information they need to succeed: Strong Sales Methods for ISOs As with any venture, getting qualified leads is the first step […]

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4 Reasons why a Business loan application is rejected

Receiving the daunting feedback to tell you a business loan application has been denied is both scary and frustrating. Moreso, if you require the money to continue your business operations or start your business venture. Fortunately, some common factors may cause a merchant loan to be declined. Putting these factors into consideration strengthens your future applications and makes it easy for you to receive the loan amount you need. Poor Credit Score A credit score shows the lender your trustworthiness and specifies the risk level presented by your borrowing. Lenders will evaluate both your business and personal credit score when […]

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Merchant Cash Advance. Is It Right for Your Business?

The merchant cash advance industry is growing. The number of business owners choosing this type of funding solution over other financing options is on the rise. In fact, an MCA isn’t a loan: it’s a purchase of your future sales. If you want to learn more about MCAs and discover the right MCA provider in the U.S., stay on the page.  Merchant Cash Advance (MCA): What It Is and How It Works Thanks to an MCA, you receive financing based on your future credit card receipts. The MCA provider takes a portion of your future credit card sales on a […]

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How Merchant Lending may Assist you in Getting Back on your Feet Post Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic created a host of new challenges for businesses of all sizes. One of the most pressing issues facing businesses is how to access the liquidity they need to keep operating.  Merchant lending can provide an important source of financing for businesses in this time of crisis. This blog post will explore how merchant lending can help your business recover from Covid-19. We will also discuss some of the key benefits of merchant lending and how to get started. Alternative financing sources Small companies are increasingly resorting to merchant funding for commercial reasons and use. Following the 2008 […]

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