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New Lawsuit Against Marijuana Giant Concerning Payment Processing Fraud

A multi-state cannabis brands platform operating in Toronto has recently started a lawsuit against San Francisco-based Eaze. The latter has allegedly been engaged in fraud for credit/debit card payment processing. Are you a marijuana merchant interested in reliable and affordable ACH eCheck services? Do you want to know more about this topic? If yes, this article is for you. Just keep on reading below. Secure ACH eCheck Services Eaze is an online platform that legally organizes cannabis delivery. Now, the platform is faced with a legal conflict initiated by Canadian DionyMed. The platform is being accused of processing credit card […]

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Funding Bill by Congress Shields Banking Institutions Onboarding Marijuana Merchants

It won’t be long before federal officials penalizing banking institutions onboarding cannabis merchants will not be able to do so. This sigh of relief comes after the release of the annual spending bill by a team of Congress officials last month. The proposed bill would also lift off a longstanding rule that restricts Washington, D.C. from investing its own finances in legalization and control of recreational cannabis sales. Though more and more states are pacing the shift towards legalization, most banks are still unwilling to onboard licensed merchants in the sector out of fear of rubbing shoulders with the law. […]

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What’s the Cost of Opening a Marijuana Dispensary?

A surprisingly large number of weed enthusiast’s dream of starting up a medical marijuana dispensary. But turning any business plans into reality calls for a thorough understanding of the costs involved in the process of application and establishment.  Here are the procedures potheads who are looking to own a cannabis dispensary in the United States should follow. What is the Startup Fee? For a cannabis dispensary, there’s a rigorous application process intended to distinguish serious applicants from part-timers in the business.  For that reason, you must meet a number of qualifications before you begin enjoying the fun part of the […]

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FAM Provides Marijuana Business Loans

Several states have now legalized marijuana use and consumption. If your state has legalized medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, it is still quite difficult to get a business loan. Marijuana merchants are almost universally turned down by traditional financial institutions. Even with a fantastic business model and great business plan most lenders are still weary to provide minimal support to any marijuana business, since the federal government still outlaws the sell and distribution of marijuana. Yet having working capital is essential to every type of business, especially those in such a new industry. Marijuana business loans from alternative lenders are […]

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US Cannabis Industry Funding

25 states in the US have already made the cannabis industry legal either for medical or recreational purposes. However, it is still illegal on the national level. Raising enough funds to start your own business is not that easy. Big Players and the Right Investments When it comes to major players in the field, they want to see how state and local corporations come into play. Microsoft has recently become the 1st  major company to announce its participation in the sector and partnered with Kind Financial. The latter helps businesses and government agencies track sales of legalized marijuana. According to […]

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Marijuana Industry is a Buzz-kill For Banks

We all knew it was coming. Banks and mainstream merchant account processors are not wanting to deal with legalized and medical marijuana merchants. These companies are prone to having a higher risk of fraudulent activity, therefore higher fees for the banks to pay out. Banks are stingy with their funds, so you can see why these businesses are turned down for merchant accounts. While it might seem like a good idea to have a cash-only business and forgo plastic card payments all together, it is not in this type of business. Medical and legalized marijuana merchants also have a higher […]

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