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By First American Merchant

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Everything Your E-commerce Shop Needs to Know About Payment Processing

Online shopping over the next couple of years is expected to grow on a massive scale. Worldwide, e-commerce sales surpassed $4.2 trillion in 2020, and those numbers will only continue to grow. Now that consumers are growing used to the convenience of shopping for everything online, there really is no going back. Speed and convenience is the name of the game. It’s what consumers have grown to expect: fast payment processing that is convenient in every way and safe to use. To make this happen and easily maintain it, e-commerce companies need industry-leading payment processing and the right payment gateway. […]

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Picking the Best Payment Gateway

You need a proper payment gateway because it is the one that validates a shopper’s credit card details and ensures you receive payments. A payment gateway is simply a service that allows credit card payments for on- and offline companies. It is more or less like a physical POS terminal in a restaurant or shop. It enables a customer to present their credit card details and safely passes this confidential financial info to the merchant, and then further to the bank. It is through the payment gateway that you learn whether the cardholder’s bank has approved the charge. After that, […]

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