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By First American Merchant

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4 Quick Tips to Help Your Ecommerce Shop Drive Holiday Sales

As the uncertainty, confusion, and worries of 2020 drag on, many consumers will continue to rely on online merchants – more than ever before. This holiday season, online merchants expect consumers to lean on them for all of their shopping needs, from holiday decor and groceries to gifts and holiday cards. For many retailers, this shift in consumer trends may feel overwhelming and a little disappointing, but it likely doesn’t come as a surprise.  The shift to e-commerce has been happening for some time. The coronavirus pandemic has simply sped up a process that was already in the works. In […]

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Can I Ask Employees About Their COVID-19 Vaccination Status?

One of the biggest challenges for employers regarding COVID-19 is keeping track of which employees have been vaccinated. Asking workers about their COVID-19 vaccination status is a smart thing to do. It’s also something that you probably don’t feel comfortable asking.  And for a good reason; health-related information is a sensitive matter. Furthermore, laws in the United States prohibit discrimination against employees based on their vaccination status. While there are no regulations burring you from asking them about their vaccination status, the best practice would be to comply with existing regulations on employee health data. Here are some common questions […]

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