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The Fed’s Approval for Payment-Services Fees in 2020

The Federal Reserve (the Fed) Board has given its approval to the new payment-services fees schedule for this year. It’s 2.4% higher as compared to the previous year. If you want to learn more about the topic and discover an exceptional merchant services provider, keep on reading this post. Payment-Services & Credit Card Processing Fees Credit card processing fees represent the cost that merchants pay for credit card payment processing. The total cost is based on more than one piece such as transaction fees, flat fees, and incidental fees. In Q1 of 2019, the annualized rate of real GDP growth […]

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Mistakes of Costco Payment Processing

Did you know that Costco doesn’t even provide credit card processing? What the company does it to outsource merchant services to a company called Elavon. If you want to learn more about Costco payment processing and know where you can find a reliable merchant account to grow your business, just read below. Costco Payment Processing: Time to Turn to FAM If you want to sign up for Costco credit card processing being sure you’re going to work with a direct processor, that’s not the case. In fact, Costco Merchant Services is a reseller of Elavon. The latter is among the […]

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Your Merchant Service Provider is The Reliable Business Partner You Never Knew You Had

As a businessperson looking to set up a card payment service, you might view your account provider as only a vendor that provides business solutions and charges a fee. But these companies are more than just payment processors. Both the merchant and the provider shake hands with the same goal in mind: to realize more credit card purchases. For the payment service company to be successful, the merchant has to be successful. This shared focus means that both sides have to work together. A merchant account relationship is, therefore, built on more than just a signed document. It is a […]

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Study Reveals Merchants Are Unsure About Mobile Commerce Fraud

There is no doubt that merchants have embraced mobile commerce. However, in trying to open a new and increasingly lucrative sales channel, many merchants have failed to see the risks involved. From a risk management standpoint, mobile devices present a real challenge. In the 2016 Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey released in April by, Kount and The Fraud Practice, it was revealed that – even though more merchants than every support mobile transactions – more than 40 percent shared they have no idea what portion of their total fraud losses took place on a mobile device. In the words […]

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How to Obtain a Credit Card Processing Loan

A credit card processing loan can help you pay to accept credit cards. While many merchants accept plastic card payments, loans that are available to credit card heavy merchants are few and far between. These businesses are known as “high risk”, because they have a higher risk of fraudulent activity and chargebacks. These issues can cost you cash, and even your merchant account in some cases. While it can be hard to find a processor who offers credit card processing loans, it is possible with the services of FAM. FAM, or First American Merchant, can help you obtain the funds […]

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4 Tips to Picking a Payment Processor

All small businesses that want to survive have to be able to process credit cards. It can be difficult to find a credible payment processor, or one that is the right fit for your business. This process can be even more difficult if you don’t know what to look out for. The following are a few tips to guide your merchant account comparison, and help you find the perfect credit card processor. What are the Fees and Costs? Credit card processing fees can go all the way up to 5%. However, some companies may charge far less than this. Before […]

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Bad Credit Shouldn’t Stop Your Business | Bad Credit Merchant Account Instant Approval

If you run a business and deal in cash or checks only, then this is fine if it works well for your business. However, if you want to expand your business and grow your customer base then you will need to increase your customer payment options, which will allow your customers the choice for how they choose to pay for the goods and services that you provide, with either cash or credit and debit cards. The merchant company you choose will have their own conditions they will require you to meet, before they will accept you as a potential client. […]

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Finding The Perfect Merchant Account for Your Car Mechanic Shop

Starting any sort of business can be daunting and finding the right merchant provider is just one of the tasks you must do, this ensures your customers have options to enable them to pay for their goods or services that you provide. If you want to start your own car maintenance business, as long as you are able to repair and maintain cars, finding the right merchant account is just the start of the other side of the business you will need to address. If all you want to do is to fix cars, then running your own business might […]

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Dealing With Bad Credit, But Need A Cash Advance

Businesses need to grow and mature, learning skills along the way. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, a payment missed or arrived late can have a disastrous effect on the credit history of the company, making the possibility of future credit from the traditional sources nearly impossible. This can have a negative reaction for a business that is trying to grow and expand. A bank isn’t going to lend money for future business developments because of the now higher risk status. There is an answer, there are alternative means to get the cash for the business growth and development that is not subjected […]

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Instant Approval Merchant Account from First American Merchant

Being a high risk business owner isn’t the easiest job when it comes to getting a merchant account. Accumulating rejections from credit card processing companies may be more frequent than you would want, while those who approve will take an immense amount of time. If you have been through such instances, you must be dreading the idea of having to go through it again. At First American Merchant, we dedicated to ensuring you don’t have to go through any such hassle. Having helped thousands of high risk business owners get access to just the merchant accounts they wanted, we boast […]

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