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By First American Merchant

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3 Key Steps to Applying – And Getting – a Business Credit Card

Could your business benefit from utilizing a business credit card? In addition to providing access to cash flow and financial flexibility, a business credit card also helps you better separate personal and business expenses, boost your credit rating and earn business perks like discounts and rewards. You might be wondering how the process works, how to apply and how hard it is to get one. It’s true, it does involve some research and gathering the correct information. However, in preparing beforehand, you will significantly speed up the process and ensure you’ve chosen the right card for your business. Are you […]

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Credit Card Lending Shifts Strategies Amid COVID-19

In the past few months since the global pandemic swept the nation, consumers and businesses alike have been met with unprecedented challenges. Many businesses have closed their doors, never to reopen. Thousands of other companies continue on, but are unsure of where they will find the extra cash they need to keep going. Meanwhile, countless citizens are currently unemployed and wondering when things will get back “to normal”. This has all spurred changes in the credit card lending sector. The beginning of this month, several unique strategies were rolled out in U.S. credit cards: First, Capital One responded to the […]

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Accept Credit Card Payments To Get Clients To Pay Faster

Getting clients to pay their invoices on time is one of the great banes of every business owner’s existence.  Your clients’ prompt payment ensures that you don’t experience an interruption to your business’s cash flow. Without it you are forced into a state of limbo, unable to purchase more equipment, hire someone if necessary, or simply be paid for the work you do. So how can you ensure that your clients will be more willing and able to pay you on time? Check out these 10 strategies: Invoice quickly. As soon as the service is rendered, send the invoice to […]

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Tips to Start Taking Credit Card Payments in Your Business

Credit card payment, also known as plastic payment, is still one on the staple ways to pay for items online. According to statistics, last year alone four million new users begun paying with credit cards. The same year almost 65 percent of houses in the United States used plastic payments. These and more statistics explain the increasing need to start collecting credit card payments. Customers are moving towards a cashless economy with more preferring cards than cash. So being able to process credit card transactions opens a new opportunity to a business and offers shoppers a favorite payment method. The […]

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How to Know if a Business Credit Card is Right for You

There are many reasons why business owners turn to a business credit card. They offer rewards and business-specific perks, while also helping you build a business credit history. Some even offer introductory 0% APR promotions to help you save on interest. It also offers merchants the financing they need when traditional lenders turn them away. Banks are often hesitant to lend to small businesses and startups; they simply lack the financials and history they want to see before providing them with cash. As a result, the business owners are left without a traditional source of financing. Business cards offer a […]

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PayPal’s New Refund Policy: Credit Repair Merchant Account

PayPal has made a major change to its refund policy, specifically to processing fees. There’ll be no refund on order cancellation. Are you planning to make changes the way you accept payments from your customers? Do you need a reliable and low cost credit repair merchant account? Just read this article to know more on all this. News from PayPal: Credit Repair Merchant Account As you know, the payments giant PayPal allows customers to buy items/services and receive payments for those having been sold. Also, it lets you send refunds on the items you’ve disputed or lost. Recently, the company […]

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What Small Businesses Need to Know About Accepting Credit Card Payments

Credit card processing seems simple enough: Get a merchant account and set up your equipment, and you’re good to go. But for very small businesses — such as mom-and-pop shops, one-person operations and home-based sellers — the decision to accept credit cards means having to consider some very unique needs. From the difficulty of getting approved for a merchant account to losing money from fees and facing the challenges of using the same technologies as large corporations, the road to accepting credit cards can be rough. Nevertheless, small businesses don’t have to be at a complete disadvantage. Just because you’re […]

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Merchant Account Solutions for Collection Agencies

For the business overwhelmed with accounts receivable, collection agencies are the good guys. They step in and hold the business’ customers financially responsible for the goods/services they have yet to pay for. Even so, some collection agency’s actions tarnish the reputation of others who operate honestly. Thus, collection agencies are typically classified as “high risk” and struggle to secure the merchant accounts they need. Even the collection agency startup with honest intentions will feel the effects of this industries reputation when they apply for a merchant account. This stress only adds to the overwhelming and intimidating process of collecting debts […]

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Automotive Payment Processing Solutions

More and more entrepreneurs are turning to alternative lenders like First American Merchant for their payment processing needs. Why? Industries like automotive are considered to be high risk by banks and other traditional providers. At first glance, running an auto shop seems to be straightforward. However, the day-to-day operations of an auto shop are incredibly diverse. Large average ticket sizes for repairs and parts are typical for this industry. Unfortunately, this also leads to fund holds or overwhelming chargeback rates. As a result, banks consider these businesses too risky and turn them away. Without a merchant account, businesses are unable […]

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Getting A Business Loan From An Alternative Online Lender

Getting business funding requires some planning. It is important to gather the required information and documents ahead of time. This will help you go through the whole process easily. Alternative online lenders are a great option to apply for business funding. They offer fast approval and ease of application process, and are increasingly becoming more and more popular. Generally, you’ll be required to provide only 3 or 4 documents. The whole process will take minutes instead of days, and you’ll be able to get your funding in some 24 hours. It’s critical to turn to a reputable business loan provider […]

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