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Listen Up Restaurants: Clients Don’t Want to Use Cash – They Want You to Use Their Credit Cards

While most major restaurant chains accept credit cards, many small, local restaurants do not. Some do it for security reasons and others to keeps costs down. However, more customers are more likely to carry a credit card than cash, so it is only logical that a restaurant, large or small, should accept credit cards. All small businesses need a reliable credit card processor, and this article will guide you to finding the right processor for you and your business. If you operate a small restaurant or food cart, it may seem like a hassle to accept credit cards. In reality, […]

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How business’s can protect themselves against chargebacks

A chargeback is just that. It’s when a customer wants to get a charge back, also known as a refund. Normally, a refund would not be something to worry about. But if you get above a 2% chargeback amount, the nerves of the merchant servicer begin to quiver. If you didn’t know, the merchant account servicer is responsible for the refund amounts if you go out of business and don’t cover your chargebacks. It’s no wonder It’s no wonder that merchant account servicers are so nervous about a chargeback. So, plan ahead and take charge if someone is not happy […]

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What is the Best Credit Card Processing ISO Program?

ISO Programs for Credit Card Processing What is the best merchant services agent program? There are hundreds of credit card processing companies in the marketplace and they all offer different iso and agent programs, how to choose the best one?  Many merchant level sales people have been burned in the past by ISO’s not paying residuals, not paying on time, or scamming their customers. The answer is simple: There is no “best iso program” Smart credit card processing agents and ISO’s are choosing to be a merchant services broker. You can partner up with a company like or First […]

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Accepting Credit Cards Online – Website Merchant Accounts

Credit Card Processing Online Accepting credit cards on your website has never been easier. There are a variety of providers and solutions available to todays business owners. Credit card processing is our specialty here at First American Cash Advance. We have dozens of merchant services providers to choose from in our network. We have credit card merchant accounts for online businesses. Check out a few credit card merchant account providers below.  We provide secure payment gateways for free to most of our online customers. To learn about the many options we have and to speak with a credit card processing […]

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Custom Gift Cards Programs – Multi Store Gift Card Programs

Multi Store Gift Card Programs Do you need custom gift cards for your business? Do you have multiple locations and need to manage your gift card program online? Are you looking for the most robust gift card program on the market? Call the gift card experts at First American Cash Advance. We have dozens of providers in our network, each with different gift card programs and specialized loyalty card solutions. A merchant account is no longer just used to accept credit cards from customers. You can now create repeat customers by offering gift cards and loyalty cards to customers. Customizing […]

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Accepting Gift Cards Online: Gift Cards GROW Your Business

Accept Gift Cards Today Gift Cards are a great way to help advertise your business and increase revenue. Customers using gift cards often spend more than the face value of the gift card. Gift cards can also help with cash flow. At First American Merchant we have a variety of providers that offer free gift cards for new accounts. We have free standard gift cards as well as customized gift card solutions for small business owners looking for that extra touch. Accepting gift cards online is easy too! Now online e-commerce stores can offer their customers digital gift cards that […]

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Accepting Credit Cards on your Phone – iPhone & Android Merchant Accounts

Do you need to accept credit cards on the go? If you have an iPhone or Android phone and you’re looking to accept credit cards, then you need a mobile merchant account from First American Merchant. Credit card processing on your mobile phone has never been easier. We have free iPhone and Android apps and we also have a free credit card swiper attachment. Don’t be limited by account withdrawal limitations, or other problems brought about by Peer to Peer processors like Pay Pal or Square. Get a real merchant account with no limitations from First American Merchant. Accepting credit cards […]

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Credit Card Processing for Online Pharmacies – High Risk Merchant Services

Online Pharmacy Credit Card Processing Do you need credit card processing for an online pharmacy? Have you been declined by other credit card processors? Do you have a business in the United States but operate overseas in India or other countries? We specialize in helping hard to approve merchants get the payment processing services they need. Accepting credit cards is vital to any business. We have banks that can help manage fraud and ensure that your online pharmacy is protected. Accepting credit cards online is easy at The Merchant Account Store. Fill out the form to the right or call […]

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Accept Credit Cards on your Android Phone

Accept Credit Cards On Your Smartphone Do you want to accept credit cards on your Android phone? We have free apps, free credit card swipers and the lowest rates, guaranteed.  We have dozens of credit card processors to choose from, some offer Android and iPhone apps, whereas some only offer iPhone apps at this time. We are running a special on Android merchant accounts: FREE Swiper FREE App FREE Shipping FREE Activation FREE Tech Support NO Annual Fees Swiped Rates: 1.19% + .15 Fill out the form to the right or call 1-888-785-6811 now to get started!

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Better Business Bureau – Credit Card Processors

BBB Rated Credit Card Processors All of the domestic credit card processing companies we deal with have an A+ rating with the BBB. We believe the Better Business Bureau does a good job of rating credit card processing companies. We constantly evaluate the level of service provided by our credit card processing providers. At The Merchant Account Store we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so it’s vital that our processing companies are treating our customers the right way. If you’re ever not happy with your processor, or if your rates change, just contact us and we’ll switch you to a […]

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