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Listen Up Restaurants: Clients Don’t Want to Use Cash – They Want You to Use Their Credit Cards


While most major restaurant chains accept credit cards, many small, local restaurants do not. Some do it for security reasons and others to keeps costs down. However, more customers are more likely to carry a credit card than cash, so it is only logical that a restaurant, large or small, should accept credit cards. All small businesses need a reliable credit card processor, and this article will guide you to finding the right processor for you and your business.

If you operate a small restaurant or food cart, it may seem like a hassle to accept credit cards. In reality, it can be less tedious than having to count out change. By accepting credit cards, you will expand your customer base. At lunchtime, many people are looking for a quick meal, and if your food cart of small restaurant can serve up a quick meal, and hurry the checkout process by taking credit cards, you are sure to attract more customers. Many business owners think of large, bulky processing machines for card processing. While they are still available, many business owners opt to use processors that are streamlined and small. There are also processors that hook into your cell phone, or tablet, making processing much easier.

It is not difficult to find a small business credit card processor; however, it can be hard to find one that caters to those who are new business owners. These people are categorized as usually categorized as “high risk”, mostly because they do not have any klout, or reputation, in the industry. Because of the “high risk” label, merchant service companies will offer their services to you, but at a cost. Most will charge outrageous fees to you, which can carry over to your customers who pay with debit or credit cards. They best thing you can do is not make a quick decision about your small business credit card processor, and to evaluate all of your options.

While it is not the law for small business owners to accept credit cards, it will allow your business to grow faster than being a “cash only” business. While it may be difficult to find a small business card processor, especially if you are a new business owner, the hunt is worth the find. Just be sure to check out all of your processor options, as some will offer significantly cheaper rates than others will. Regardless of the size of your restaurant, from a food cart to a large restaurant, there is a small business card processor that is right for you and your business.

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