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The Struggle for Women and Business Funding

Things have come a long way for aspiring women entrepreneurs in terms of business funding and financial freedom. Even so, there is still a significant gender gap that causes challenges for women hoping to launch their business ventures and fuel growth.  In fact, until 1988, women entrepreneurs were required to have a male co-signer to take out a business loan. Fast forward to today, 49 percent of all businesses in the U.S. are owned by women – yet women business owners account for just 27 percent of business loan applications as of 2020.  Women-owned businesses are also known to receive […]

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3 Tips to Boost Your ISO Merchant Cash Advance Sales

Within the business lending space, ISOs and agents work as an intermediary between business owners and the funding companies that provide capital directly to them. ISOs offer several different financing options, from short-term loans and merchant cash advances to lines of credit. ISOs have played a vital role in the growth of the small business lending industry, serving as the eyes and ears of funding companies. Our team has put together a guide intended to help ISOs secure the information they need to succeed: Strong Sales Methods for ISOs As with any venture, getting qualified leads is the first step […]

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Merchant Cash Advance. Is It Right for Your Business?

The merchant cash advance industry is growing. The number of business owners choosing this type of funding solution over other financing options is on the rise. In fact, an MCA isn’t a loan: it’s a purchase of your future sales. If you want to learn more about MCAs and discover the right MCA provider in the U.S., stay on the page.  Merchant Cash Advance (MCA): What It Is and How It Works Thanks to an MCA, you receive financing based on your future credit card receipts. The MCA provider takes a portion of your future credit card sales on a […]

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To Get a Merchant Cash Advance or Not. That’s the Question.

As an alternative funding option, a merchant cash advance (MCA) is ideal for those who need quick access to working capital and lack good credit history. Let’s reveal more about MCAs and see who can best help you with a reliable and affordable cash advance.  Merchant Cash Advance: How It Works When applying for an MCA, you receive a lump-sum payment for a specific amount. To make repayments, you should give the MCA provider the right to participate in your business’s credit card sales.  The part that the MCA provider takes is known as the “holdback.” The latter’s amount gets […]

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Why Business Loans are Difficult to Get

Getting a merchant loan is one thing, but getting the loan denied is devastating. Several factors keep you from getting a business loan, and bad credit is the major problem, though they are preventable.  Ways of boosting your credit score and enhancing your approval chances  If your credit history reveals that you cannot repay your debts, you will have difficulty obtaining a business loan. If you have recently filed for bankruptcy, you may find it hard to secure a company loan because you have no history of repaying bills. Your creditors will hesitate to offer you money when you file […]

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5 of the Most Profitable Businesses to Start in 2022

What is a good business to start in 2022? Let’s discuss the most profitable businesses that you should consider starting in 2022. Also, you’ll learn where you can obtain reliable and affordable business funding solutions, such as a merchant cash advance.  What Businesses to Start in 2022 Are you interested in starting a business in 2022? There is more than one business to consider in 2022. They’re easy to launch and can help you earn revenue. So, here they are: 1. Online Shop eCommerce is on the rise worldwide, so selling products online is one of the best ideas to […]

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Top Signs Your Small Business Needs a Merchant Cash Advance

Struggling with cash flow? You’re not alone. According to a survey from U.S. Bank, 82% of small businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Year after year, small business owners admit that cash flow is one of their tops – if not number one – challenges.  Maintaining cash flow is difficult when business is good, when the unexpected happens, it can feel nearly impossible. One of the most popular solutions for cash flow issues today is a merchant cash advance. If you’re unfamiliar, the following information will give you a glimpse of how this financing tool works, as well as […]

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6 Popular Types of Business Loans, and How to Choose

There are so many reasons why a business might need to borrow money. From hiring new, top talent and purchasing new equipment to covering unexpected costs, the reasons can vary greatly. However, one thing is certain, you need a loan option that is right for your situation and business type. With so many options available today, knowing where to start and understanding what each means can be a daunting task. Qualification requirements, loan purpose, and desired terms must be taken into consideration. All of these factors can influence the type of business loan that is right for you.  Here are […]

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Merchant Cash Advance: Solution for Growing Ecommerce Industry

Due to the changes brought about by the pandemic, online businesses have been thriving. Many stores were forced to take their products and services online. Others added delivery and curbside pickup options. Still, others launched solely online to meet unique pandemic-related needs – and this push to the digital space is showing no signs of slowing down. But these eCommerce merchants have needs of their own. Rapid growth demands cash and lots of it. Developing new services and products requires cash. Implementing new technology and tools and adding to your team uses capital as well. Thankfully, lenders are taking notice. […]

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Why Merchant Cash Advances are an Ideal Funding Source for Physicians

Why Merchant Cash Advances are an Ideal Funding Source for Physicians From time to time, like any business, medical practices can benefit from additional capital and an array of business loans. Growth, obstacles, and opportunities tend to come when we least expect them to – and they all require cash. However, many physicians are unsure where to start and which options are best suited to their industry. Some physicians find Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are suited to their needs. But others have found they are actually better off with alternative or new financing solutions. That being said, you might […]

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