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By First American Merchant

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3 Ways Small Businesses Unintentionally Fall into Debt

Running a successful business involves an interesting combination of risk, sacrifice and discipline. From time to time, it requires investment to see improvements. At other points, it means giving up something in the pursuit of something bigger. Above all, it demands discipline to achieve your ultimate goals.  Of course, one of the biggest risks for a business – whether a startup or an established company, is debt. Choosing to take on debt to secure much needed capital can be a smart decision, as long as you have a plan and capability to pay it back in a timely manner. However, […]

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Payroll & Its Cash Flow Influence

If you think payroll is always easy to predict or there’s nothing difficult about it when it comes to paychecks, you’re not right. You’d better follow the lines below to learn more about payroll and its cash flow influence.  Payroll & Cash Flow  Payroll is money that companies payout. Unlike accounts payable, it has to do with expense and liabilities accounts. In fact, payroll may represent the least volatile areas of capital outflows.  Businesses need to automatically connect payroll data into their back-office financial management systems. As for customers, they’re increasingly more often applying to payroll providers that can help […]

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Improve Your Cash Flow For Your Business

Cash flow is a growing concern among small businesses struggling to survive through a challenging economy. And because such times are purely dependent on proper cashflow management than profit generation, you want to try as much to improve the flow of money in your business. Below are some tips to monitor the inflow and outflow of your business:     Use Invoice Factoring Instead of Taking Out a Loan Try invoice factoring instead of seeking bank loans. Invoice financing is acquiring finances in exchange for your pending invoices. This is an excellent way to get access to the working capital […]

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Managing Cash Flow In Your Business

Anyone who has ventured into the great adventure of entrepreneurship can testify that funds can be incredibly tight, especially at the beginning stages of your business. Regardless of whether you have solid angel investors supporting you or are just bootstrapping it, you need to ensure that the management of your company’s finances are without equal.  If you have not trained yourself to carefully scrutinize expenses and have not prepared for unexpected costs, be sure that your company will not survive.  What Is Cash Flow Management? When you hear about cash flow management, what comes to mind? It’s essentially about taking […]

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