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What is the Best Credit Card Processing ISO Program?

ISO Programs for Credit Card Processing

What is the best merchant services agent program?

There are hundreds of credit card processing companies in the marketplace and they all offer different iso and agent programs, how to choose the best one?  Many merchant level sales people have been burned in the past by ISO’s not paying residuals, not paying on time, or scamming their customers.

The answer is simple: There is no “best iso program”

Smart credit card processing agents and ISO’s are choosing to be a merchant services broker. You can partner up with a company like or First American Merchant Brokers and take advantage of the best commission and residual offerings from ALL the top providers in the country. Furthermore by partnering with a brokerage you can offer more products and services to your customers and meet their needs better than any one provider.

We are the leading credit card processing brokerage in the country. We have over 80 banks and processors in our network that allow us to offer credit card processing services for virtually every business type.

We specialize in high risk merchant services!

As the merchant services industry becomes more competitive, the margins are continually shrinking. To increase your revenue and make huge margins on credit card processing, agents should look to high risk businesses and online offshore customers. High risk business owners often try to apply for a regular merchant account and are declined. This allows you the sales agent to charge a premium for being able to get the merchant approved!

How much do I make through a brokerage?

Both and First American Merchant Brokers offer their sales agents the same splits and up-front bonuses as going direct through the processor. The advantage is you don’t have to fill out 20+ agent agreements and have 20 different relationships. You can submit all your deals, regardless of processor to one source. You can deal with one ISO support rep, instead of having 20+ contacts.

Highlights of our programs:

  • Offer your clients First Data, Global, TSYS, North American, Credomatic, Intuit, Chase Paymentech and more!
  • Up to $1000 upfront per account
  • $3000 fast start bonus
  • Up to 70% residuals
  • Free iPhone Apps
  • Free Android Apps
  • We pay cancellation fees!
  • FREE Website for agents!
  • Online training