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Choosing Alternative Funding Options For Your Small Business

With small business funding landscaping changing with rapid advances, modern business owners have more opportunities than ever before. Alternative lending has become quite popular in recent years. Nearly half to 2/3 of the businesses try to get business capital from non-bank sources and other places. The most important thing in this concern is to find the right option that will best suit your business needs.

How Can Alternative Lending Help You?

If you have financial challenges or there is a new opportunity for you to grow, alternative lending can be the best answer to the question. It gives you flexibility to make an important business decision that can help you improve your situation.

If you don’t have the cash on reserve or a line of credit that can help you fund your business or enjoy a business opportunity, alternative lending can be the best solution to your problem. Unlike alternative lending sources, traditional banks don’t find it profitable to provide loans less than $200.000.

To get low-cost business funding for your small business, consider turning to a reputable business loan provider like First American Merchant (FAM) offers exceptional business funding opportunities to merchants of any type and size.

Opportunities and Difficulties

How your small business can benefit from alternative funding? Here are several opportunities and difficulties associated with small businesses for which alternative financing can be the right option.


  • You may find inventory, new equipment or raw materials sold at a discount. Turn to an alternative lender as such purchase can be an opportunity you can’t miss.
  • Alternative funding can help you buy out a partner or avoid taking on a partner.
  • Alternative financing can help you grow and expand your business.


  • Weather conditions that force your business to close days on end
  • Ebbs and flows in the economy
  • If cash flow is unexpectedly put under pressure

To decide on the type of business funding, you should take into account what exactly you need to fund and the timing. When applying for business capital, don’t forget about the rates associated with alternative business loans as they are more costly than those offered by traditional banks.