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Finding Working Capital Fast for Small Businesses


Small businesses are by manifest micro-managed organizations that strive to do the most with the least, especially when it comes to cash reserves. Operating with little to no working capital feels like a harsh reality for a small business owner. Yet the actual reality is that not having access to working capital 24 hours a day can cripple the development of your business. The most intricate and detailed business plan and budget will fall victim to unexpected eventualities that will require capital to rectify.

Finding a source for working capital can be difficult for small businesses. Banks are stringent and rely on credit scores and prefer established, reliable businesses.  These two factors can make it notoriously hard on small businesses and entrepreneurs to successfully apply for a business loan from a traditional source like a bank. There are two alternative sources for small business owners to acquire working capital fast:

  1. Small Business Loan – There are many credit companies and financier sources available online and offshore that will grant loans to small, high-risk businesses. Finding a small business loan with manageable interest rates from a non-bank source can provide you the capital you need quickly.
  2. Merchant Cash Advance – Merchant cash advances are NOT loans. In exchange for a lump sum provided by a credit processing company or independent financing group, you agree to share a percentage of all future credit and/or debit transactions your business processes with the company. Interest rates can be steep as they are not regulated by loan laws, but small businesses prefer this method as they can provide a cash reserve during a slow retail season that can be effortlessly paid back during the peak season.

Both small business loans and merchant cash advances can be provided from sources outside the traditional banking system. Online service providers such as merchant brokers and providers give small business access to tools that banks can’t or won’t offer. Supply your small business with the working capital it requires to grow and develop using well researched, alternative sources.

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