Credit Card covered with American flag.There is no clear count or record for the number of cases of fraud or the amount of loss that has been realized even in the past year alone. One thing is for certain though, there has been high level of fraud incidences in the US. The advancements made in terms of technology have not just brought good alone, they have helped the fraudsters develop even better approaches to their criminal acts.

Many victims of scam activities have either lost huge sums of money, remained with a long list of bad credit or been held to account for felonies they did not commit.

Fraudsters specialize in data breaches. Everyone with card data is a potential victim. This means individuals and businesses alike. As such, serious action is essential to combat the widespread fraud common throughout the country. That form of combat can only be possible through the use of stronger security mechanisms that are hack proof to guarantee safety to the millions of affected Americans.

It is in the spirit of the fight to keep people’s personal data safe and stay steps ahead of cyber criminals that the element of the chip and pin cards have come in. The current hot debate in the US’s payment and personal data security platform is with regards to the timeline for having in circulation the secure debit and credit cards- with the Europay, MasterCard Visa (EMV) chip embedded on them.

These cards promise complete security to people’s information. It will not be possible to transact with the cards without their unique personal identification (PIN) number or other type of security that comes with the particular card. Recent news have assured that the card is highly secure even in the absence of the PIN. This line of argument can be supported by the unique data processing that takes place at the payment gateway where the chip and pin cards are involved.

With the normal debit and credit cards, a fraudster could impersonate you and use your card to shop around or create some debts around. You may not learn this until late. That will not be possible with the chip cards as the person may hack into your system, but without accessing your mind to read the PIN they will not be able to obtain the PIN.

Even while the process to issue American populations with the safe cards take long, merchants can now get a bad credit merchant account with instant approval from First American Merchant.


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