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Marijuana Funding Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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FAM Provides Marijuana Business Loans

Several states have now legalized marijuana use and consumption. If your state has legalized medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, it is still quite difficult to get a business loan. Marijuana merchants are almost universally turned down by traditional financial institutions. Even with a fantastic business model and great business plan most lenders are still weary to provide minimal support to any marijuana business, since the federal government still outlaws the sell and distribution of marijuana. Yet having working capital is essential to every type of business, especially those in such a new industry. Marijuana business loans from alternative lenders are […]

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Where To Look For Small Business Funding

Some business owners use their own resources to finance their startups. Others need additional capital from an outside source. Modern lending landscape is constantly developing, and there are more financing options available to small-business owners nowadays than ever before. Today, non-bank online lenders offer more choices to business owners. It is important to evaluate the pricing, terms and rates offered by each lender and make the right decision. Below you can find the top things to take into account when evaluating lenders: Comprehensive Small Business Offerings Research and assess all the available options. Look for resources that will help you […]

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Legalized Marijuana Funding Woes

Since more states are legalizing marijuana every year, it seems like funding options would be great. This is false, due to many reasons. Even though more and more companies are in need, regulations put a halt on who can lend to legalized marijuana businesses. The Feds, namely, have caused major issues by not lowering or deleting the illegalization and drug schedule of marijuana, making it pretty much impossible to obtain any funding from a bank. This leaves you with few options, and some are better than others. At the end of 2016, 25 states and the District of Columbia will […]

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Tax is Toast! LA Reneges on their Pot Tax on November Ballot

Pot “taxes” are in almost every state that has it legalized for recreational or medical usage. However, LA toyed around with the idea of putting an actual tax on this November’s voting ballot. Any tax can cripple a new marijuana business, and this can leave some needing funding for their medical marijuana businesses. This brings a completely new set of struggles for merchants – leaving the “could’ve been” tax a small problem. LA county supervisors wanted a 10% tax on all medical marijuana facilities in the county. This barely passed the county supervisor’s vote, which could have been a big […]

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Taxes Can Lead to the Need of Marijuana Business Funding

Businesses need funding at different times, and for different reasons. From rising rent costs, to seasonal employees, and new inventory, there are “normal” and mainstream issues in which a merchant needs funding. However, for those in the marijuana industry, one of the biggest issues that is pushing the need for funding is the “taxes” that hit the companies. This tax, per se, is actually a fee charged by the Massachusetts Department of Health, and it’s wreaking havoc on businesses. Since voters in 2012 approved legislation allowing marijuana to be grown and sold to treat certain medical conditions, just six dispensaries have opened their doors. […]

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Who Funds Cannabis in the US?

For most companies, raising enough funds to start their business is a major hurdle. Despite the $5 billion of legal cannabis sales in 2015, cannabis merchants still struggle to find legitimate funders and investors for their businesses. Despite recent promises by the United States government not to prosecute legal marijuana transactions, most financial institutions are still hesitant to work with them. So who is investing in the U.S. cannabis industry? Even though the cannabis industry grosses billions every year, there are only a few major investors willing to back the industry. One reason for this is that institutional investors are […]

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