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Top 7 At Home Small Businesses that Make Major Bucks

Small business loan2015 is the year of the small business. Why waste this year working for a corporation or person who doesn’t appreciate your efforts, or who knows less about the business than you? Isn’t it time that you start working for yourself? Owning your own business gives you the freedom to make your own decisions, pocket more profits, and build a legacy. The following are the most common and successful small businesses that will make you major profits.

Online Store. The internet has made it easier than ever to start your own retail store without leasing an expensive store space. Maintain your inventory through relationships with multiple vendors whose products can be displayed on your website. When an order is placed, the item comes from the vendor’s space, instead of your home or warehouse.

Food Service. If cooking is your forte, then home-based food service may be a profitable venture. All that is required is a website and menu. The key to running a successful food service operation is high food quality, fair pricing, and great service. Some food service professionals make business cards and other forms of copy to use as advertising.

Home Day Care. With more parents working, home-based daycares are needed more than ever. Certifications are necessary for operation, but if you are good with children and can keep up with state laws, then this can be a long term business for you.

Cleaning Service. Are you a quick and efficient cleaner? No matter how bad or good the economy may be, businesses and individuals will always need professional cleaning services. Some cleaning services actually charge $30 to $40 per hour.

Pet Sitter. Americans love their pets. If you are reliable, good with animals, trustworthy, and organized there will never be a shortage of jobs available.

Translator. As the American business environment becomes more multilingual, translators are in heavy demand. If you can speak a foreign language like Spanish or Korean and can successfully market yourself, you may have more business than you can handle.

Social Media Manager. As companies realize the importance of a social media presence, they are constantly seeking out individuals who really know how to utilize social media in a way that keeps them connected to their customers and promotes their business.

Small home businesses are the way of the future. Unfortunately, many traditional lenders will refuse to loan these legitimate businesses the funds to get started due to bad credit, inexperience, or other reasons. First American Merchant Funding is the leading online lender for small business loans.

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